Executive Committee Minutes: October 5, 2016

                             TISC Men’s Club
                Executive Committee Minutes
                           October 5, 2016

I.  ATTENDANCE–  The meeting in the library of Tifereth Israel Synagogue was called to order by President Bill Sperling. In attendance were executive committee members Sperling, Bob Holloway, Alan Goldenberg, Norm Katz and Don Harrison, with those five constituting a quorum.  Absent: Joel Kriger, Bill Friedel, Phil Snyder.  Recently resigned: Ed Cherlin.  Two guests attended: Joel Sperber and David Schlickman.

II.  WORD OF TORAH – Norm Kaz noted that the final two commandments of the Torah involve community renewal every seven years.  Important to renew one’s quest for answers to such existential questions as where did we come from? where are we going?  Of what story are we a part?

III. MINUTES—On the motion of Norm Katz, it was agreed unanimously that the status of the treasury, the costs of various items and other financial information should be handled in executive sessions, with the Ruach simply reporting what subjects were discussed.  There should be a way for members to access such information, however, through the use of passwords, once the Ruach is reconfigured to such a standard.

IV,  STEAK IN THE SUKKAH – Bill Sperling suggested that a phone tree be set up to prompt greater attendance.  When he gives his speech at Kol Nidre he plans to make mention of this event.  Volunteering to serve as staff for the event, including set up, were Alan, Bob, and Bill S – the latter of whom also said his wife Barbara also would help out.  Rabbi Rosenthal will deliver a d’var Torah.  Joel Kriger will take photos.

V.   YOUTH OF THE YEAR – Bill will be presenting silver plated Torah pointers to two students at Yom Kippur.

VI.  ASK THE RABBI—The first session will be Nov. 13.  At this and others, those who have volunteered to be coordinators should bring two dozen bagels and a requisite amount of cream cheese.  We need to promote the Ask the Rabbi sessions, which are particularly designed for the young families who are bringing their children to Torah school.  Each session—eg, in November, December, January and February—will have a different coordinator from the Men’s Club.

VII.  GENERAL MEETING NOV. 30th.  Bill S. would like to create a new position – Member at Large – instead of Communications Chairman.   It will be a dessert meeting, which Alan Goldenberg will coordinate.  Don will send out an announcement to members, listing the offices up for election, and the names of incumbents seeking reelection. Open seats also will be identified, and members may make nominations for any office provided the nominee gives assent.

VIII.  BRICK PROGRAM – There was extended discussion about putting in a cement base so the bricks won’t sink into the ground during rains.  Also, there was discussion about possibly installing solar lights.

IX.  TREASURER’S REPORT – Bill Sperling relayed the current figures as compiled by Bill Friedel. As per Item III of these minutes, any Men’s Club member seeking more information may contact treasurer Bill Friedel via bill.friedel@tismensclub.us.

X.  HIGH HOLY DAY USHERING AND DRAWING – At a previous meeting it was decided to have a drawing from names of Men’s Club members who became High Holy Day ushers for a one-half off the $45 per member ticket to Steak in the Sukkah.  Guest Joel Sperber drew the winning name.  It was …. (drum roll) … Randy Phillipp.

XI.  SUSTAINING MEMBERS — Bill Sperling noted that some people are signing up to be sustaining members of Men’s Club, by paying annual dues of $50 rather than $36.

XII. SCHMOOZE LOUNGE – Bill would like to make fixing up the lounge a project after the High Holy Days.

XIII.—CHANUKAH FOOD HANDLERS CERTIFICATES –Those wishing to help prepare latkes for Chanukah – in the event our club is asked to do so again – must obtain a food handler’s license.  This involves a simple written test.  Norm Katz can provide details.

XIV.  VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Bob Holloway said when people see the bricks by the front walkway, their interest is stimulated, and some will buy bricks too.  A self fulfilling prophecy, he suggested.

XV – OTHER REPORTS – There were no other reports from the officers present.

A)  MISHLOACH MANOS — Joel Sperber, who served as a congregational president is Palos Verdes, mentioned a number of programs which his former congregation—Ner Tamid –utilized.  One that drew  particular attention was a mishloach manos program (Purim food basket), which he said is easily assembled and can earn a modest amount for the club by selling the baskets.  On Don’s suggestion, Joel said he would pull together a memo outlining how it was done at his former congregation, so that the executive committee might further study the idea.

B)  DANCE NIGHT  — Norm Katz mentioned that he is familiar with a Beatles tribute band called the Baja Bugs, and that perhaps they would be willing to perform in concert for us.

XVII – ADJOURNMENT – We adjourned a minute or two before 9 p.m.

XVIII   NEXT MEETING – The next meeting of the executive committee will be held at 7 p.m. November 17.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Harrison, Secretary

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