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October 2016 Executive Committee Agenda

TIS Men’s Club Executive Committee Meeting
Oct. 5, 2016 Agenda

1.  Call to order – at 7 p.m. in the Board Room

2.  Word of Torah – Norm Katz

3.  Approval of September minutes

4.  President’s Report – Bill Sperling
A.  Yom Kippur speech/ presentation of Yads to students of year
B.  Steak in the Sukkah/ Men of the Year Oct. 16 – Discussion
C.  Ask the Rabbi, Nov. 13 , Dec. 11, Jan 22, Feb. 12 – Discussion
D.  Club Election – Nov 30th, 7 p.m. – Discussion
E.  Chanukah/ Food preparation certificates –Need date for latkes
F.  Review of Brick Program
G.  Review of Red Shirt program
H.  Review of High Holiday ushering
I.  Membership reminder, $36 regular, $50 sustaining
J.  Schmooze Lounge decoration – Discussion
K.  Discussion of events for 2017

5.  Vice President’s Report – Bob Holloway
6.  Secretary’s Report – Don Harrison
7. Treasurer’s Report – Bill Friedel
8. Immediate Past President’s Report – Phil Snyder
9.  Program Committee Report – Alan Goldenberg
10.  Religious Committee Report – Norm Katz
11.  Membership Committee Report –Joel Kriger
12.  New Business
13.  Next Meetings:  Nov. 17, Dec. 8
14.  Adjournment by 9 p.m.

Executive Committee Agenda, September 8, 2016

1.  Call to Order  — President Bill Sperling will call us to order at 7 p.m. in the board room of Tifereth Israel Synagogue.  Wear your red shirts if you have one.

2.  Word of Torah –Religious Action Chair Norm Katz will share with us a word of Torah.

3.  Minutes of Preceding Meeting – There was no meeting in August.  Minutes of July are on the Ruach site.  Don Harrison will bring a paper copy to this meeting.

4.  President’s Report – Bill Sperling plans to cover the following topics:
a.  High Holy Day ushering – 12 have signed up to date and will be in the drawing.  We are looking for two couples to be greeters and to check licenses.
b.  Red shirts –Have you got yours yet?  More are available.
c.  Brick by brick program –number sold to date.  Certificates.
d.  Steak in the Sukkah –A discussion of this important Oct. 16 event
e.  Other upcoming events
1) Executive Committee retreat and beach barbecue in San Elijo – Sept 25
2)  Federation Men’s Club event, we have full table – Sept 29.
3)  Executive Committee meeting note date change – October 5
4)  Ask the Rabbi program to be held 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.Sundays Nov. 13, Dec. 11, Jan. 22, Feb. 12
5) Executive Committee meetings – Nov. 17, Dec. 8

  1. Reports from officers and board chairs
    a)  Vice President Bob Holloway
    b) Secretary Don Harrison
    a)  Elections need to be scheduled
    b)  Sisterhood invite
    c)  Treasurer Bill Friedel
    d) Immediate Past President Phil Snyder
    e)  Communications Chair Ed Cherlin
    f)  Program Chair Alan Goldenberg
    g)  Religious Action Chair Norm Katz
    h) Membership Chair Joel Kriger
    6.  Old Business, if any

    7.   New Business, if Any

    8.   Adjournment by 9 p.m.

Aug 11 Exec Committee meeting cancelled


With summer in full swing, and some  members on vacation, it has been decided to cancel the August 11 meeting of the executive committee.

President Bill Sperling announced that any pending club business will be handled either by email or will be docketed for the regular Sept. 8 executive committee meeting.

In the meantime, he said he is looking forward to seeing members at the Jewish community salute to the San Diego  Padres at the ballgame beginning at 1:40 p.m. on Sunday, August 21.



Agenda, July 14 Exec. Cmte. Meeting

Tifereth Israel Synagogue Men’s Club
Agenda, July 14, 2016
7 p.m., TIS Board Room

  1. Welcome and introductions – Bill Sperling 
  2. Word of Torah-Norm Katz
  • President’s Report – Bill SperlingA. Upcoming events
    1.  Bowling night – July 31
  •   2. Padres game – August 21
    3.  High Holy Day ushering – October 3-4, 12
    4. Steak in the Sukkah/ Men of the Year
    5. Ask The Rabbi Programs,
    Nov. 13, Dec. 11, Jan. 22, and Feb. 12B.  Men’s Club pamphlet for distribution during High Holy Days

    C.  Brick Fund/ Men’s Club Donation

    D.  Men’s Club shirts

    E.  Visit of FJMC Regional President

  1. Vice President’s Report – Bob Holloway 
  2. Secretary’s Report – Don Harrison 
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Bill Friedel
  • Membership Committee—Joel Kriger 
  • Program Committee – Alan Goldenberg
  1. Communications Committee – Ed Cherlin
    Shofar – Howard Kaplan
    B.  Ruach – Don Harrison
    C.  TIS Online and outside papers – Ed Cherlin
  2. Religious Action Committee – Norm Katz 
  3. Past President’s Report – Phil Snyder
  • New Business 
  • Next Meeting: August 11 
  • Adjournment 







June 9, 2016 Executive Committee Agenda


Thursday, June 9, 7 p.m., TIS Board Room (Social Hall Stage)

I.  Call to Order and Introduction of Guests – Bill Sperling

II.  Word of Torah – Norm Katz

III  President’s Report  — Bill Sperling
1.   Brick Fund discussion
2.   Report from Israel Independence barbecue, setting next year’s date (May 4?)
3.  Report from Deli-cious lecture
4.   Bowling night in July
5.   Jews and the Padres in August
6.   Possible trip to the Skirball before October (Take Me Out to the Ballgame Exhibit)
7.  Ushering for High Holy Days
8.  Turchin family
9.  Ask the rabbi Sunday sessions
10.  Setting dates for 2017 activities, including April 7 Yom HaShoah

IV.  Vice President’s Report – Bob Holloway

V.  Secretary’s Report – Don Harrison

VI.  Treasurer’s Report – Bill Friedel
a)  Our finances
b)  Bikkur Cholim

VII  Immediate Past President’s Report – Phil Snyder

VIII  Communications Committee – Ed Cherlin

IX.  Program Committee – Alan Goldenberg

X   Religious Action Committee – Norm Katz

XI  Membership Committee – Joel Kriger

XII  New Business

XIII  Next Meeting:  Thursday, July 14

XIV  Adjournment

Amended May 9th Executive Committee Agenda

 Tifereth Israel Synagogue Men’s Club
Executive Committee Agenda , May 9, 2016
7 p.m., Sperling home, 8029 Hemingway Ave.

I.  Call to Order & Introduction of Guests

2.  Word of Torah- Norm Katz  (Norm has to leave early so he will also give his report, per below, first)

3.  President’s Report – Bill Sperling
A.  Fundraising
1) Brick program – has been approved by synagogue’s executive committee; Bob Holloway to coordinate program.
2) Shir Chadash CD
B.  Outreach – Temple Emanu-El
C.  Upcoming Events
1) May 12 barbecue – Torah School parents and children invited; invitation also send to San Diego Police Department Chief Shelley Zimmerman.  Kids under 5 free; kids 5-12, $5.  TISMC will have recruitment table and brick sale table.
2)  June 5 Deli talk
3)  July 24 Bowling–Need to change the date; this conflicts with 17th of Tammuz fast date.
4)  August 21 – Padres afternoon
5)  Sept 25 – Beach party
6)  Oct.  22 – Dinner in Sukkah–Date to be changed to Sunday, Oct. 16
7)  General Meeting and Elections, date to be decided
8) Chanukah and beyond
D.  Miscellaneous items
1) Men’s Club shirts, ball caps
2) Good and Welfare discussions – continue them or not?  Use proceeds for special fund?

4.  Vice President’s Report – Bob Holloway
A.  Brick program follow up & discussion

5.  Secretary’s Report – Don Harrison
A.  Current Members List on Membership page of Ruach
B.  Now have way to send group Emails

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Bill Friedel
    A.  Club Finances
  2. Bikkur Cholim7   Immediate Past President – Phil Snyder
    A.  FJMC Retreat in Malibu8   Program Chair – Alan Goldenberg
    A. Collaborative Report with President’s Item 3C

    9.  Membership Chair –Joel Kriger

    10.  Religious Action Chair – Norm Katz
    a) Results of Yellow Candle program

    11) Communications Chair – Ed Cherlin
    A) Howard Kaplan—Shofar
    B) Don Harrison – Ruach

    12)  New Business – Any member may bring up items

    13)  Set Date for Next Meeting

    14)  Good and Welfare

    15)  Adjournment

Exec. Cmte. Agenda for March 24, 2016

                          Tifereth Israel Synagogue Men’s Club
Thursday, March 24, 2016
7 p.m., Braun Library

I.  Introductions and Roll Call

II  A Word of Torah – Zev Bar-Lev

III President’s Report – Bill Sperling
A.  Upcoming events—We need to create a July 2016-June 2017 calendar
1.  March 28 Shelley Zimmerman reception
2.  April 10  Mission Trails hike starting at 9 a.m. in TIS parking lot
3.  May 12 Men’s Club-Sisterhood barbecue
4.  June 5- JCC Deli talk and deli food at Temple Emanu-El
5.  July – A bowling night?
6.  August 21 – Jewish community night with the Padres
7.  September – Picnic at San Elijo Beach
8.  October 22 – Steak in the Sukkah
9.  November
10.  December
11.  January
12  February
13  March
14 April
15  May
16 June
B. Ongoing  Fundraising
1.  Bricks – Report for Bob Holloway
2.  Yellow Candles
3.  Shir Chadash Tape
C.  Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs – rosters
D.  Report from TIS Board meeting
E.   Miscellaneous
1.  Telephone Tree
2.  Reception in Schmooze lounge (one of events above?)
3.  Urging minyan participation
4.  Men’s Club ushering program
5.  Social Action Committee- Steve Mishek
IV   Vice President’s Report – Bob Holloway will be absent

V.  Secretary’s Report – Don Harrison
1.  Rabbi Rosenthal’s question regarding yellow candles
2.  Shir Chadash CD (Cheryl Katz feedback)
3.  Ruach-Kilroy idea

VI.  Treasurer’s Report – Bill Friedel
1.  Cash on hand
2.  Bikkur Cholim
3.  Miscellaneous

VII  Communications Chair Report – Ed Cherlin
1.   Purim booth
2.  Other

VIII  Program Chair Report –Alan Goldenberg

IX  Religious Affairs Chair Report – Norm Katz

X   Membership Chair Report – Joel Kriger

XI  Past President’s Report – Phil Snyder


XIII  Set Dates for Next meetings and those following through June 2017

XIV  Good and Welfare

XV  Adjournment

Feb. 23 Executive Committee Agenda

TIS Men’s Club Executive Comittee
Feb 23, 2016, 7 p.m.,   Braun Library

1.  Call to Order and Introductions of Guests
2.  Word of Torah
3.  Request from the Minyonaires – David Ogul
4.  Reports
(a) President Bill Sperling
(1) Requests from others for Men’s Club contributions
(2) Past activities—suggestions for improvement
(3) May barbecue-Myer Turchin
(4) Purim party discussion
(5) Schmooze Lounge Update
(6) Business Cards
(7) Organizational issues
(a) Phone Lists
(b) Recruiting Men to committees
(b) Vice President Bob Holloway
(c) Secretary Don Harrison
(1) Ruach subscriptions, blurbs
(d) Treasurer Bill Friedel
(1) Bikkur Cholim progress
(e) Immediate Past President Phil Snyder
(f) Religious Action Chair – Norm Katz
(g) Membership Chair – Joel Kriger
(h) Communications Chair – Ed Cherlin
(i) Program Chair –Alan Goldenberg
(5)  Old Business
(a) Friday night greeters – Bill Sperling
(b)  Other
(6)   New Business – Any member
(7)  Set Date for Next Meeting
(8)  Good and Welfare
(9)  Adjourn

Agenda for Jan. 14 Exec. Cmte. meeting

Tifereth Israel Synagogue Men’s Club (TISMC)
7p.m., Braun Library, Tifereth Israel Synagogue

January 14, 2016 Agenda

I.  Welcome and Introduction of visitors – Bill Sperling

2.  Installation by Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal

3.  Lottery for 1 and 2 year terms

4.  Reports
a. President – Bill Sperling
b.  Vice President-Bob Holloway
c.  Secretary – Don Harrison
d.  Treasurer– Bill Friedel
e.  Communications Chair – Ed Cherlin
f.  Membership Chair – Joel Kriger
g. Programming Chair – Alan Goldenberg
h. Religious Action Chair  – Norm Katz
i. Immediate Past President – Phil Snyder

 5.  General Discussions
a. Planned events update
b.  Phone tree
c.  Ideas to bring in new members
d.  Future programs, initiatives
(1) Yom HaShoah
(2) Speakers
(3) Mission Trails Hike
(4) Biking, Tennis, Golf, etc.
(5) Torah word
(6)  Rabbi and Board relations
(7)  Shabbat and High Holiday ushering
(8)  Hospital, Shut-in visits
(9) Minyonaires supplement
(10) FJMC
(11)  Tu B’Shevat

6.  New Business—Any member

7.  Set date of next meeting

8.  Adjournment (must be by 9 p.m.)


Agenda for Dec. 9 Membership Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015, 7:30 p.m.
Home of Bill Sperling, 8029 Hemingway Avenue, San Diego

NOTE: Some email notices mistakenly said the meeting would be on December 10th.   In fact the meeting will be on December 9th.

I. Call to order and Around-the-Room Introductions — Bill Sperling, evening’s chairman
An attendance sheet will be passed around as an official document. Everyone should make certain to print and sign their names, with phone numbers and Emails. Those in attendance who have not yet become members may make their $25 checks out this evening to Tifereth Israel Men’s Club. Only paid up members may vote.

II. Nominations and Elections
In the hope that a new board can take office on January 1, 2016, the following is proposed:

(A) Nominations will be taken until Dec. 15 for two year terms for the following offices: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President {this office is filled ex officio}; and four Members of the Executive Committee, for a total of 9 committee members.

(B) Phone or email balloting of paid-up members will be conducted thereafter, with results to be announced December 22.

(C) A member in good standing who is not seeking office shall serve as the judge of the election results. Votes shall be sent to this man via email or by telephone. The volunteer for this position is ________________.

MOTION TO APPROVE ITEM II BY ___________________
SECOND BY ______________________________
VOTE TOTAL: ___________IN FAVOR; __________ Opposed; __________ Abstain___________.

III Bylaws
The bylaws have been submitted in written form to the organizational meeting. They may be amended or adopted in full, whatever be the pleasure of voting members.

MOTION TO APPROVE ITEM III BY ___________________
SECOND BY ______________________________
VOTE TOTAL: ___________IN FAVOR; __________ Opposed; __________ Abstain___________.

IV Dues
As stated in the Bylaws, dues which are now $25 per year, will increase to $36 per year, double chai, for Calendar 2017.

MOTION TO APPROVE ITEM IV BY ___________________
SECOND BY ______________________________
VOTE TOTAL: ___________IN FAVOR; __________ Opposed; __________ Abstain___________.

V Expenses
Funds raised by the Men’s Club currently are held in trust by the financial officer of the synagogue. Inquiries should be made whether this is the most efficient method for handling funds. Should the Men’s Club keep its own checking account?

In either event, any expense in the amount over $500 shall require prior approval by a vote of the Executive Committee.

MOTION TO APPROVE ITEM V BY ___________________
SECOND BY ______________________________
VOTE TOTAL: ___________IN FAVOR; __________ Opposed; __________ Abstain___________.

VI Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs – The President and the Immediate Past President shall be authorized to negotiate with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs the settlement of any debts and the continuation of TIS Men’s Club membership in that organization.

MOTION TO APPROVE ITEM VI BY ___________________
SECOND BY ______________________________
VOTE TOTAL: ___________IN FAVOR; __________ Opposed; __________ Abstain___________.

VII Men’s Club Projects and Committee Assignments
The Men’s Club will undertake the following projects, and such other projects that may be agreed to by the Executive Committee

Whenever there is an event, a chair will be appointed along with a minimum of two assistants.

Events shall be coordinated on the calendar with the TIS office staff.

(A) The Religious Affairs Committee duties shall include but not be limited to:

(1) KERUV—The Men’s Club will continue promoting outreach to intermarried couples, helping non-Jewish partners to feel warmly welcomed as an essential part of the congregation, which Phil Snyder has agreed to chair

(2) World Wide Wrap: The Men’s Club will coordinate a program with the Torah School to show students and others how to properly wrap themselves in tefillin. Norm Katz will chair this.

(3) Men’s Club Shabbat – The Men’s Club shall organize and lead at least one Shabbat service per year. Norm Katz will chair this.

SECOND BY ______________________________
VOTE TOTAL: ___________IN FAVOR; __________ Opposed; __________ Abstain___________.

(B) The Membership Committee shall have jurisdiction over recruiting and retaining members to the organization and fundraising events.

(1) Welcoming visitors and prospective members – The Men’s Club will endeavor to have at least one of its members at each Friday evening and Saturday morning Shabbat service to welcome visitors and prospective new members.

(2) Schmooze Lounge – The Men’s Club shall help maintain and actively promote the Schmooze Lounge as a place to socialize at the synagogue.

SECOND BY ______________________________
VOTE TOTAL: ___________IN FAVOR; __________ Opposed; __________ Abstain___________.

(C) The Program Committee shall coordinate a variety of programs including but not limited to speakers at desert receptions, panels, movies, steak night in the sukkah, pancake breakfast for the Torah school, offsite events such as attendance at ballgames, picnics, hikes to Mission Trails and elsewhere, museum trips and lunch in Balboa park, bike rides, and the like.

SECOND BY ______________________________
VOTE TOTAL: ___________IN FAVOR; __________ Opposed; __________ Abstain___________.

(D) Communications Committee – The Men’s Club has its own website ( and needs writers and photographers to keep the membership abreast of various events and the work done by committees. The committee also would be responsible for making certain that announcements go in the Shofar, community newspapers, and in synagogue emails to the overall membership.

SECOND BY ______________________________
VOTE TOTAL: ___________IN FAVOR; __________ Opposed; __________ Abstain___________.

VIII Other Business
At this time anyone in attendance is welcome to bring up any issue he so desires for consideration by the assembled membership.

IX Meeting Dates

The Executive Committee of the TIS Men’s Club will meet on Wednesday, Jan. 13, at a place to be determined by the president. Any member of the Men’s Club may attend an Executive Committee meeting as a non-voting member.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Harrison, acting scribe