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Executive Committee Minutes: October 5, 2016

                             TISC Men’s Club
                Executive Committee Minutes
                           October 5, 2016

I.  ATTENDANCE–  The meeting in the library of Tifereth Israel Synagogue was called to order by President Bill Sperling. In attendance were executive committee members Sperling, Bob Holloway, Alan Goldenberg, Norm Katz and Don Harrison, with those five constituting a quorum.  Absent: Joel Kriger, Bill Friedel, Phil Snyder.  Recently resigned: Ed Cherlin.  Two guests attended: Joel Sperber and David Schlickman.

II.  WORD OF TORAH – Norm Kaz noted that the final two commandments of the Torah involve community renewal every seven years.  Important to renew one’s quest for answers to such existential questions as where did we come from? where are we going?  Of what story are we a part?

III. MINUTES—On the motion of Norm Katz, it was agreed unanimously that the status of the treasury, the costs of various items and other financial information should be handled in executive sessions, with the Ruach simply reporting what subjects were discussed.  There should be a way for members to access such information, however, through the use of passwords, once the Ruach is reconfigured to such a standard.

IV,  STEAK IN THE SUKKAH – Bill Sperling suggested that a phone tree be set up to prompt greater attendance.  When he gives his speech at Kol Nidre he plans to make mention of this event.  Volunteering to serve as staff for the event, including set up, were Alan, Bob, and Bill S – the latter of whom also said his wife Barbara also would help out.  Rabbi Rosenthal will deliver a d’var Torah.  Joel Kriger will take photos.

V.   YOUTH OF THE YEAR – Bill will be presenting silver plated Torah pointers to two students at Yom Kippur.

VI.  ASK THE RABBI—The first session will be Nov. 13.  At this and others, those who have volunteered to be coordinators should bring two dozen bagels and a requisite amount of cream cheese.  We need to promote the Ask the Rabbi sessions, which are particularly designed for the young families who are bringing their children to Torah school.  Each session—eg, in November, December, January and February—will have a different coordinator from the Men’s Club.

VII.  GENERAL MEETING NOV. 30th.  Bill S. would like to create a new position – Member at Large – instead of Communications Chairman.   It will be a dessert meeting, which Alan Goldenberg will coordinate.  Don will send out an announcement to members, listing the offices up for election, and the names of incumbents seeking reelection. Open seats also will be identified, and members may make nominations for any office provided the nominee gives assent.

VIII.  BRICK PROGRAM – There was extended discussion about putting in a cement base so the bricks won’t sink into the ground during rains.  Also, there was discussion about possibly installing solar lights.

IX.  TREASURER’S REPORT – Bill Sperling relayed the current figures as compiled by Bill Friedel. As per Item III of these minutes, any Men’s Club member seeking more information may contact treasurer Bill Friedel via

X.  HIGH HOLY DAY USHERING AND DRAWING – At a previous meeting it was decided to have a drawing from names of Men’s Club members who became High Holy Day ushers for a one-half off the $45 per member ticket to Steak in the Sukkah.  Guest Joel Sperber drew the winning name.  It was …. (drum roll) … Randy Phillipp.

XI.  SUSTAINING MEMBERS — Bill Sperling noted that some people are signing up to be sustaining members of Men’s Club, by paying annual dues of $50 rather than $36.

XII. SCHMOOZE LOUNGE – Bill would like to make fixing up the lounge a project after the High Holy Days.

XIII.—CHANUKAH FOOD HANDLERS CERTIFICATES –Those wishing to help prepare latkes for Chanukah – in the event our club is asked to do so again – must obtain a food handler’s license.  This involves a simple written test.  Norm Katz can provide details.

XIV.  VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Bob Holloway said when people see the bricks by the front walkway, their interest is stimulated, and some will buy bricks too.  A self fulfilling prophecy, he suggested.

XV – OTHER REPORTS – There were no other reports from the officers present.

A)  MISHLOACH MANOS — Joel Sperber, who served as a congregational president is Palos Verdes, mentioned a number of programs which his former congregation—Ner Tamid –utilized.  One that drew  particular attention was a mishloach manos program (Purim food basket), which he said is easily assembled and can earn a modest amount for the club by selling the baskets.  On Don’s suggestion, Joel said he would pull together a memo outlining how it was done at his former congregation, so that the executive committee might further study the idea.

B)  DANCE NIGHT  — Norm Katz mentioned that he is familiar with a Beatles tribute band called the Baja Bugs, and that perhaps they would be willing to perform in concert for us.

XVII – ADJOURNMENT – We adjourned a minute or two before 9 p.m.

XVIII   NEXT MEETING – The next meeting of the executive committee will be held at 7 p.m. November 17.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Harrison, Secretary

Executive Committee Minutes, September 8, 2016

                                                   Executive Committee Minutes
                                                     Thursday September 8, 2016

1.  CALL TO ORDER AND ATTENDANCE – President Bill Sperling called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. in the Board Room of Tifereth Israel Synagogue.  In attendance were a quorum of members including Sperling, Bob Holloway, Don Harrison, Bill Friedel, Alan Goldenberg and, shortly afterwards, Norm Katz.  Absent: Phil Snyder, Ed Cherlin, Joel Kriger.   There were no guests in attendance.

2.  JULY MINUTES — The Minutes of the July meeting, which may be found on the website were approved unanimously upon the motion of Bill Friedel and the second of Alan Goldenberg


A.  High Holy Day Ushering – Fourteen members have signed up to usher at the High Holy Days.  The names of each will be placed in a hat to be drawn for a half-priced ticket to the Steak in the Sukkah event.

  B .  Red Shirts – Most of the Executive Committee wore them today.  It was decided that only members of the Men’s Club are entitled to buy them.  Bill Sperling also suggested that they be washed inside out to protect the emblem.

C.   Brick Program – Nine have been sold to date.  Norm Katz produced a certificate of appreciation to be sent to parties that purchase the bricks.  Bob Holloway said after inspection of the area around the coral tree, where damage from the roots is apparent, he would suggest moving the proposed area for the bricks to the area to the left of the walkway between it and the flagpole.  Currently there are lily plants there.  Bill Sperling subsequently raised the idea with synagogue leaders and another suggestion emerged: To the right of the double doors of the entrance. Norm said David Reed might be willing to provide a sketch.

4.  WORD OF TORAH –Discussing Shoftim (Judges), Norm told of a D’var Torah given by Debbie Mishek which he enjoyed, but said he had his own spin.  In choosing a king, Israelites were instructed to choose one of their own, not a foreigner.  The king should not have an abundance of horses, which he might use to return to Egypt, nor should he have an abundance of wives, or precious metals.  He should write a duplicate of the Torah and study it every day of his life, so he won’t stray from it. He should not be bold or brash.   If we look at biblical history, this was honored more in the breach than in the practice- Saul, David, Solomon all had their faults.  But it is interesting guidance, is it not, for choosing a synagogue leader?

D.  Steak in the Sukkah – Norm reported that the Sunday, Oct. 16, event will start at 6:30 p.m.  The caterer will charge $45 an hour.  Will need to hire an assistant for clean up.  Both the caterer and the assistant will have to pass the test on kitchen health.  B&S brewery will bring a contraption with four small kegs and taps, and a fifth keg for a demonstration of different beers.  This demonstration costs $600.  Norman calculated that if 50 people attend, at $45 per person, the evening may net $500, and even more if we can get individuals to “sponsor” each keg of beer at $100 per sponsorship…. While steak is the advertised course, there will also be tossed salad, green vegetable, potato dish, hummus and veggies, and non-dairy veggies.  Grilled salmon strips also will be an option.  For those who don’t like beer, there will be soda, iced tea and coffee.   Three guys are needed to help set up.  Alan G volunteered to be one of them.  Plan to have a table at the event with material concerning membership, brick program and red shirts.

  E.  Men’s Club Dues – There has been confusion over when 2017 dues take effect.  Moved by Don Harrison, seconded by Alan Goldenberg, and approved unanimously, that $36 dues for 2017 may be paid at any time during 2016 and will include (for those who don’t already have it) membership for the balance of 2016.

F.  Men of the Year Celebration – At the Steak in the Sukkah event, Phil Snyder and Norm Katz will be honored as the Men of the Year.  The board will invite Rabbi Rosenthal to the event and request that he deliver a dvar Torah.  Don Harrison will also write a letter of invitation to be mailed to friends and relatives of Phil and Norm in case they would like to join in honoring these two fine club leaders.

G.  Jewish Federation Men’s Event (Sept 29).  We have a full table.  We will wear our red shirts under blazers or suit jackets.  Regarding the Men’s Event Sept. 29, Bill F. said it may be possible to also tour a car museum owned by a friend of Ed Cherlin’s.

a.  Executive Committee Meetings – They are scheduled Oct. 5 (in library);  Nov. 17; Dec. 8.

b.  Ask the Rabbi Sessions, with lead Men’s Club organizer (who makes sure bagels and cream cheese are there):  Nov. 13 (Bob);  Dec. 11 (Bill S.);  Jan. 22 (Bill F.) Feb. 12 (Don).


a.  Midrash Shabbat – morning Shabbat learner’s service at Tifereth Israel  on Sept. 10 will be followed by a Kiddush luncheon and lecture by Ilana Delaney (JCC adult education director) on Free Will and Sin.

Seacrest Village salute, Sept. 15 – Former TIS members now living at Seacrest Village Retirement Community in Encinitas will be saluted at a sisterhood brunch at Seacrest.  Executive Committee invited to attend.  Contact Barbara Sperling for more details

Adat Shalom Men’s Club forum on border, Sept. 18 – Phil Snyder offers to drive a carpool to this 9:45 a.m. event.  Details:

d  Beach Party, Sept. 25 – Executive Committee retreat at San Elijo Beach (Manchester exit off 5 and go west); Bill S. RV at site 142; potluck dinner, bring own drinks, chairs beach blankets.

 e  Economics and Terrorism, a lecture about ISIS by Prof. Eli Berman at Lawrence Family JCC, 7 p.m., JCC rehearsal room: Cost: $22.50 guests; $18 JCC members.  Bill Friedel has more information.

  f.  Jewish Federation’s Men’s Event, Sept 29 – Per item 3G—at San Diego Jewish Academy.  Bill Friedel is our table captain.

  g. Looking Ahead — Coronado Free Lectures – Center for Jewish Culture sponsored monthly lecture series will begin Nov. 16.  Bill Friedel attends, details in subsequent minutes.

   7.  VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Bob Holloway said all nine plaques to date  have been sent in, we will get proofs before the wording is committed to stone.  We should have several people proofread.  On the motion of Bob and second by Alan, and unanimous vote, it was decided club will absorb cost of one clip art per plaque. ($5).    Bob also recommended that a perpetual trophy be purchased for Men of the Year honorees for display in the synagogue.  Bill S. will check with synagogue and with trophy manufacturer for price, and bring back a report.

   8.  SECRETARY’S REPORT – Don said that the club is due to have an election and a general meeting.  Bill S. subsequently checked with the  office and obtained Wednesday Nov, 30th in the Social Hall, beginning at 7 p.m.  One year terms are expiring, so these offices (and incumbents) will be up for election for two year terms:     President (Bill Sperling); Vice President (Bob Holloway); Religious Action Chair (Norm Katz); Membership Chair (Joel Kriger).  Other executive committee members were elected to two year terms, in order to have a continuously functioning board, with staggered elections.

  9  TREASURER’S REPORT – Bill Friedel said our club’s current general fund balance is $4,422.92 and that there is also $509 in the yellow candle scholarship fund….. The board voted unanimously (motion by Don, second by Bob) to authorize Bill to pay FJMC national dues, once basis of invoice is made clear to him.

10.  PROGRAM CHAIR REPORT – Alan handed in the receipts for the bowling night which all agreed was a successful program.

11.  RELIGIOUS ACTION COMMITTEE –Norm’s reports on Steak in the Sukkah given during President’s report.

12   ADJOURNMENT – We adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Harrison, Secretary

Executive Committee Minutes, July 14, 2016


 July 14, 2016  Executive Committee Minutes

I.  Call to Order and Attendance – Our meeting was called to order by President Bill Sperling.  Members who attended in addition to Sperling were Phil Snyder, Bob Holloway, Bill Friedel, Don Harrison, Alan Goldenberg, and Norman Katz.  Absent members were Ed Cherlin, Joel Kriger and Howard Kaplan

2.  Actions Taken
A.  MOMENT OF SILENCE – At the suggestion of Bill Friedel, we observed a moment of silence in memory of the 84 men, women and children run down by a terrorist in a truck during a Bastille Day celebration.

B.  HONORARY MEMBERSHIP – A unanimous vote extended to Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal honorary membership in the Men’s Club.

C.  PRO-RATED DUES – By unanimous vote, anyone who joins the Men’s Club for the balance of 2016 may pay dues of $12 for that year.  In January 2017, full year’s dues will be $36.

D.  STEAK IN SUKKAH PRICING –By unanimous vote it was decided that Steak in the Sukkah (accompanied by beer tasting which Norma Katz will arrange) will cost $45 per person for members, and $50 for non-members.  The names of people who sign up to usher for the High Holy Days will be drawn to award one half-price coupon for Steak in the Sukkah.

E.  ADVERTISING IN FJMC PUBLICATION – By unanimous vote, the Men’s Club voted to spend $54 on an ad in an upcoming publication of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Club to congratulate Phil Snyder and Norm Katz as TIS Men’s Club Men of the Year.

F.  BRICK FUND PURCHASE- By unanimous vote, the Men’s Club decided to purchase an engraved brick to help start its brick program.  Cost of brick is $180, with proceeds to be divided between the synagogue and the Men’s Club. Deducting the share that would come back to the Men’s Club, it was decided to put $105 into the brick fund.

G.  MEN’S CLUB SHIRTS – By unanimous vote, the Men’s Club decided to order 20 shirts at $25 per shirt (except for XL and XXL which are slightly more).  The shirts will be red background, with the Men’s Club logo (see above) in blue and white.  This gives us the Israeli flag colors in the handshake and, an American red, white and blue color scheme overall.

3.    Treasurer’s Report – Bill Friedel said as of June 30, our general fund had a balance of $3,551.32, and that there was another $509 in the special scholarship fund.

4.  Discussion Items
A.  Word of Torah—Norm Katz reflected on the upcoming parsha, Chukat (Numbers 19:1-22:1), saying the Edomite King was asked to let Moses and the 600,000 people accompanying him travel through their land. Though Moses said the group would travel straight through, turning neither right nor left, and paying for any water consumed, the Edomite king refused, and required Moses and company to take an other route.  Norm suggested this has happened in modern times, when Hungary, which is a gateway to the European community, declined to permit refugees from Syria to pass through.

B.  Synagogue’s New Members Night – Bill Sperling noted that on August 28, Tifereth Israel Synagogue will welcome new members.  Old members also may attend, but RSVP by Aug. 19th  He asked that a pamphlet explaining the mission, activities, and spirit of the Men’s Club be prepared prior to the Aug. 28th date.

C.  FJMC DUES — Bill S reminded us that we will be paying dues to the national FJMC as well as the regional FJMC based on the number of members we are able to attract.  Currently we have approximately 40 members.

D.  Conservative/ Reform collaboration – Bill S and Norm Katz noted that in the wake of the collapse of the Reform movement’s Brotherhood sector, Conservative clubs should reach out to Reform congregations to possibly arrange joint activities.  Bill said his overtures to Temple Emanu-El bore no fruit, but he has a meeting with Fred Valfer, incoming president of Congregation Beth Israel’s Men’s Club.

E.   Bowling Night, July 31 – Bill S.  and Alan Goldenberg said they will be pleased if 24 people sign up for Bowling Night, which would fully engage four lanes with six people each.  Trophies will be awarded to the best adult bowler and best youth bowler.  If people only want to bowl, and do not want to eat the pizza, etc., they can be charged $12 instead of $25.  Bill asked everyone to call their friends and ask them to join our cadre.

F. Baseball Night, Aug. 21 – Bill S. had hoped that another Jewish organization had purchased a bloc of tickets for the Jewish community salute to the Padres, but inquiries to Temple Emanu-El and Congregation Beth Israel indicated they had not purchased a bloc.  Bill planned to call  Beth Jacob Congregation about whether it has a bloc, the idea being that our members could buy into their blocs rather than committing to a bloc of our own.  Tickets include not only the ball game, but also a Padre hat (Hebrew lettering), a kosher hot dog, and a soda.

  1. High Holy Day ushering—Bill S. and Norman K. urged a block captain be appointed for each service during the three High Holy Days. Norm said he would draft a letter promoting the ushering.H.  Steak in the Sukkah – The committee discussed various personnel options for cooking the steaks, laying out other food, and clean up.  No decision taken.  Those not interested in drinking alcohol at the event should contact Bill S. if other arrangements are required.I.  Ask the Rabbi – It was noted that after the holidays, when he has time to breathe again, Rabbi Rosenthal will participate one Sunday morning a month in a free-wheeling Ask the Rabbi session. The Men’s Club will serve the bagels.J.  Men’s Club Pamphlet – Don Harrison asked the members what they would like to see in the pamphlet.  Bill Sperling would like it to emphasize the camaraderie as exemplified by hospital visits and participating in shiva minyans…. Bill Friedel said it should stress that everyone is eligible to join…  Bill Sperling added it should communicate that we have a team approach, and that we work in combination with Sisterhood and Reform congregations; Don said it should include upcoming events, perhaps a summary of other events, and Bob Holloway said it should utilize many photos.  It will be a single sheet of paper, three folded, so there will be six leaves.

    K.  Brick Fund – Bill S. said he would like to see first group of bricks put in place by mid October

    L – Shirt sizes and orders:  Mediums, Norm Katz, Bob Holloway; large – Bill Friedel, Alan Goldenberg (who might decide on XL);  XXL – Don (on assumption it will shrink down to an XL).  In additions to ones our members buy, it was suggested that a stock of 3 medium, 3 large, and 3 extra large be purchased and held for other members who may want them

    M.  Communication – Bill S says we need better coordination between the club and the synagogue office viz a viz the shofar, email blasts, etcetera.

    N.  Membership – Bill S. complimented Joel Kriger for a letter he sent out to some new synagogue members welcoming them to the shul, and recommending Men’s Club as an activity.

    O.  Keruv – Phil Snyder said a top expert from the Conservative movement on synagogue outreach to non-Jewish spouses (the keruv program) will be visiting San Diego shortly, and that Rabbi Simon who heads FJMC will be here early next year.

    The meeting, which began at 7 p.m., adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Donald H. Harrison

Executive Committee Minutes, June 9, 2016

TIS  Men’s Club Exec.  Committee Minutes    –  June  9, 2016
Board room of Tifereth Israel Synagogue

  1. Results of the Deli lecture were discussed. Presentation at Temple Emanu-El, attended by over 200 hungry people!  Joellyn  Zollman  made a very interesting and fun presentation .  Post lecture there was plenty of great deli food for all attendees.  For more info please see the post in San Diego Jewish World Hopefully there will be a repeat!
  1. Bowling event was reviewed- set for July 31 at 6:15pm at Parkway Bowl. Fee for the evening was discussed and was decided to charge $25 for adults and $15 for kids 12 and under.  Will look to get a flyer out for this  coming attraction.   Need fees in by 7/28.  The bowling will include food and will be a 2-hour fun-filled evening.  Bill S. will look into trophies.
  1. Discussed the August Padre ball game. Plan to meet in Mission Valley and collectively go by trolley.  Talked about getting shirts with TIS  Men’s Club logo.
  1. Bill S. brought up a possible outing to the Skirball Museum in L.A. Will look at that idea.
  1. Discuss ushering at High Holy Days. We will offer to volunteer.
  1. Discuss Turchin family with ideas presented as to how  to recognize and deal with the  son’s illness.
  2. recommend free membership in Men’s club for Dad.
  3. Give son a $100 gift certificate.
  4. Give a donation in their name to a foundation, such as leukemia foundation.
  5. . Bill S. asked the Rabbi about his availability  once a month on a Sunday  to hold an “ask the Rabbi”  session for all members of congregation.  He agreed starting Sept. 18 from 11:30 to 12:30.  Men’s Club will provide bagels and cream cheese.
  6.  Set dates for 2017 events. Will be dealing with this.
  7. . Discussed the Steak in the Sukkah. Idea of hiring a chef and providing him a gift certificate in appreciation  for his time and effort.  Idea of beer tasting as part of the event mentioned.  Sisterhood would do the prep work.  Would look to help from the outside for cleanup.  Date would be Oct. 16.
  8. Treasurer report – Bill F. said we made $115 with candles sales. Brick program in early stages.
  9. Bill S. recommended we make Howard Kaplan a member at large to the Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Cherlin

May 2016 Executive Committee Minutes

May executive committee group shot
Clockwise from left: Bob Holloway, Alan Goldenberg, Norm Katz, Bill Sperling, Bill Friedel, Ed Cherlin, and Joel Kriger

Tifereth Israel Synagogue Men’s Club
Executive Committee Minutes
Monday, May 9, 2016

I.  ATTENDANCE – The meeting was held at 7 p.m. at the home of Bill and Barbara Sperling, both of whom attended.  Others present were Bob Holloway, Don Harrison, Alan Goldenberg, Norm Katz, Bill Friedel, Ed Cherlin, and Joel Kriger.  Absent: Phil Snyder.

II  CHANGES TO AGENDA – To accommodate the schedules of Norm Katz and Bob Holloway, both of whom unavoidably had to leave the meeting early, the agenda was changed to deal with their items first.  Some agenda items also were moved up by President Bill Sperling to facilitate the flow of the discussion.

III.  WORD OF TORAH – Norm Katz noted that in the Torah portion of the week (Kedoshim in the Book of Leviticus) one finds the well-known injunction to Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself.  He said that this means we should view someone not as a body, but as a soul; that is as a fellow child of God.  It’s important he said to allow people to speak without being shut down and to recognize that people have different perspectives.

IV  RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS COMMITTEE REPORT – Norm said that yellow candles were distributed to all the children at the Torah school, not just to those in the upper classes.  He said two girls read aloud the explanation for the Yellow Candles and the prayer for lighting them, which had been placed with the candles in their packaging.  Bill Sperling noted that the event was unsuccessful from the standpoint of fundraising but nevertheless important. Perhaps Yom HaShoah should be observed differently next year.  Norm suggested that it might be an idea to distribute LED lights for an outdoor evening event at which  other members of the community could be invited.  The matter then was tabled for discussion later in the year.

Ed Cherlin holds a sample brick from the Brick by Brick program
Ed Cherlin holds a sample brick from the Brick by Brick program

V  BRICK PROGRAM – The synagogue’s executive committee has approved the brick program.   Bob Holloway said that the bricks in question can be sandblasted from 3/16th to 3/8th of an inch deep with up to four lines of 20 characters each, although from an aesthetic point of view, he aid three lines would look better.  He also noted that Bricks R’ Us offers 300 varieties of clip art, but they do not recommend its use because the art tends to wear more quickly.  The engraved bricks cost $19 each when purchased in groups of 10 or more.  If fewer than 10, there is a $10 surcharge.   Bob said the idea would be to lay the bricks around the large coral tree, starting at the red wall and working the way out.  There are potentially hundreds of brick spaces available, even allowing for the roots of the tree, which need to be avoided.  On the evening of the May 12 barbecue, Bill F and Bob will bring an iPad to enable anyone who desires that evening to purchase a brick to do so electronically through the synagogue’s secure website.  Everyone congratulated “Bob the Brick Man” on a job well done.  Ed Cherlin suggested that we have a ceremony dedicating the laying of the first bricks.  Alan suggested that the Men’s Club consider purchasing a brick as a group.

{At this point Bob Holloway left the meeting}

VI  May 12 Barbecue – Barbara shared with us that the Sisterhood is planning to have eight tables to accommodate 45 people who already have signed up, additional walk-ins, and the Israeli dancers.  She estimated that the attendance probably would get to 60.  Kosher hamburger meat from Ralph’s in La Jolla, veggie burgers, Hebrew National hot dogs and a pareve cake are on the menu.  Barbecuing will start early in order to accommodate children in attendance.  Bill Sperling said beer and wine will be purchased (and sold at the rate of 2 drinks per $5) and that he will barbecue, assisted by Ed.  Alan will take charge of the drinks.  Joel said there will be membership sign up envelopes distributed at the check- in table.  Don will take photos, utilizing a specially created 68th Israel Anniversary frame made with balloons by his daughter, Sandi Masori of Balloon Utopia.  These photos will be emailed to those who pose.  Judy Rosenthal will lead the Israeli dancing.  Volunteers are needed to help set up and decorate after 12 p.m on May 12th. Some of the decorations were borrowed from the House of Israel in Balboa Park.  Judy Gumbiner will provide center pieces at each of the tables.  Beginning at 6 p.m, the program is expected to end at 9 p.m.  There will be a raffle of two gift baskets, each worth $100, with one from the Sisterhood and one from the Men’s Club.  Don suggested that a year’s membership to either the Sisterhood or the Men’s Club be included in the basket.  Raffle tickets will cost one for $5, three for $10.

(At this point Norm Katz left)

VII  Shir Chadash – After discussion of logistics, interest, and costs of producing a CD by Shir Chadash, the matter was tabled on the motion of Alan, second by Bill F, pending further information.

VIII Temple Emanu-El associate membership – Noting that Joseph Fox, who is a Temple Emanu-El member, has joined the club, Bill said he has been in touch with the executive director at the Temple to see how much interest that congregation’s members have in joining with us, at least until such time as they have sufficient members to start their own Men’s Club.

IX  June 5 Deli Talk – The Men’s Club is a cosponsor along with Temple Emanu-El and Tifereth Israel Synagogue of a talk by Joellyn Zollman on the development of delicatessens in the United States.  There will be food at the event to be held at Temple Emanu-El.  While a flyer has been created, Bill said we need to tell our friends.

X  Communications – With Ed Cherlin chairing the Communications Committee, Don will continue putting out the Ruach and Howard Kaplan will handle the Shofar and other internal Tifereth Israel Synagogue communications.  A committee meeting of Ed, Don and Howard should be scheduled soon.

XI  Bowling night – Previously scheduled for July 24th, it turns out that night coincided with the fasting day of the 17th of Tammuz (mourning the destruction of Jerusalem), so assuming the night is not already booked, we will have our bowling night July 31st, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Cost for bowling, shoes, and pizza would be $25 per person.  Prizes will be awarded.

XII  Padre afternoon – This is scheduled August 21, a game at 1 p.m., at which the organized Jewish community will be in attendance.  After discussion it was decided that we should not try to have a speaker prior to the event, but simply to have brunch together at a Mission Valley restaurant, and then proceed by trolley to the game.   Among restaurants mentioned were Mimi’s and Sammy’s.

XIII  Men’s Club Hats and Shirts —  Bill said he would like to see us have hats and shirts with the Men’s Club logo, perhaps to wear at the Padres game.   Joel volunteered to look into prices and report back.

XIV Beach Party – Bill camps in his RV at the San Elijo Beach, and will host a barbecue and beach party on Sept. 25.

XV – Steak and Vegan Food in the Sukkah – Bill said we originally had been scheduled to hold this event Saturday, Oct 22, but now Sunday, Oct. 16, has become available.  It was originally felt that on Saturdays, events should be for members and spouses, but having it on a Sunday makes the tradition of Men Only (plus those women who are members) again possible.  On the motion of Bill, second by Joel It was voted 5-1 with Don in opposition to restrict attendance to men and to such women who are members.

XVI  General Elections —   It was noted that in November we are supposed to have a general meeting with election for those officers whose terms have concluded.  No action was taken at this time.

XVII  Secretary’s Report – Don had no report.

XVIII Membership Report – Joel said since January, at least 14 new members have signed up.

XIX Treasurer’s Report – Bill F. had not yet computed monthly totals, but the next day reported a general fund balance of $2983.29  He noted that $430 was in the Yellow Candle Fund, which is a special fund for Holocaust Remembrance scholarship.

XX  Permanent Meeting Date – Bill said the board room of the synagogue (behind the curtain of the main stage) is available the second Thursday of every month.  It was decided to henceforth hold executive committee meetings on the second Thursdays.  Dates in 2016 (unless a Jewish holiday coincides) will be: June 9, July 14, August 11, September 8,  October 13,  November 10, December 8.

Bill Sperling blows out the candle on a birthday cake held by his wife Barbara.
Bill Sperling blows out the candle on a birthday cake held by his wife Barbara.

XXI – Good and Welfare – As May 10 is President Bill’s 75th birthday, Barbara brought in a cake and we all joined in the celebration.  Mazal tov Bill!

Respectfully submitted,

Donald H. Harrison, Secretary

Exec. Cmte. Minutes, March 24, 2016


From left, Ed Cherlin, Bill Friedel and Bill Sperling contemplate a point during March 24 executive committee meeting
From left, Ed Cherlin, Bill Friedel and Bill Sperling contemplate a point during March 24 executive committee meeting


Minutes of the Executive Committee
Tifereth Israel Synagogue Men’s Club (TISMC),
March 24, 2016, Braun Library

I.  CALL TO ORDER AND ATTENDANCE—There being a quorum present in the Braun Library at Tifereth Israel Synagogue, the meeting was called to order by President Bill Sperling at 7 p.m.  Present were Bill Sperling, Don Harrison, Bill Friedel, Ed Cherlin, and Alan Goldenberg.  Absent members: Bob Holloway, Phil Snyder, Norm Katz, Joel Kriger.  Guests: Zev Bar-Lev and Shoshana Bar-Lev.

Zev Bar-Lev discusses the Hebrew letter 'Kuf,' while giving a D'var Torah at the Men's Club Executive Committee.
Zev Bar-Lev discusses the Hebrew letter ‘Kuf,’ while giving a D’var Torah at the Men’s Club Executive Committee.  Alan Goldenberg is in the background.

II.  D’var Torah—Zev Bar-Lev delivered a word about Torah, noting that the Hebrew letter Kuf starting the words  “Kadosh” and “Kaddish” looks to some as an angel standing on a  tippy toe.  It also looks like an axe.  This reflects the two meanings of “Kadosh,” he said.  On the one hand it means ‘holy’ and  to remind us of this, we have the image of an angel rising up toward God, even as Jews do when they say in prayer, “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh.”  On the other hand it means, “cut off,” or “separate,” which is why a symbol of an axe is also appropriate.  We cut ourselves off from sexual relations with anyone else than our spouse.  We are urged to be a holy people, distinct, or separate from other peoples.

III.  President’s Report – Bill Sperling
A. PURIM CARNIVAL — Bill S congratulated Ed Cherlin for running a successful Skeet-Ball booth at the Purim carnival.  Ed said it attracted a wide range of participants. Alan Goldenberg noted that he had built the Skeet Ball game for the synagogue years ago.

B.  REJUVENATION – (Re-Jew-Venation?)—Bill S. said it I important to rejuvenate the Men’s Club and to do that we need to have full and enthusiastic participation on the Executive Committee, as well as on the Religious Action, Program, Membership, and Communications committees.  He said we need to enlarge membership and reach out.  Bill F said we need to telephone the members directly and not rely on the printed word.  Bill S. said we should invite people to the May 12 barbecue.  Don H mentioned the possibility of business networking with potential members.  Bill S said that could begin possibly with free advertisements in the Ruach.

C.  CALENDAR, April 2016 through June 2017 –Executive Committee members discussed having at least one activity per month.  Accordingly:  March 28, 2016—Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman;  April 10, 2016—Mission Trails Hike.  May 4, 2016—Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle distribution; May 12, 2016—Men’s Club/ Sisterhood barbecue. June 5, 2016—TISMC cosponsors JCC deli night lecture at Temple Emanue-El; July 24, 2016—Parkway Plaza bowling night; August 21, 2016—TISMC joins Jewish Community at night with the Padres; September 25, 2016 – Picnic and barbecue at San Elijo beach; Bill S’s RV will be headquarters.  October 22, 2016 Steak in the Sukkah; November 2016 (date to be decided)—TISMC to partner for one night’s speaker at LFJCC Book Fair; December, 2016 (date to be decided) Latke party for preschoolers. January 2017 Community service in connection with Martin Luther King day; February 11, 2017 Tu B’Shevat tree planting; Also in February JCC Film Festival; March 2017 Purim carnival;  TISMC guest speaker; April 2017 A hike; May 2017 Barbecue fundraiser; June 2017 Visit Jews of San Diego exhibit in Balboa Park.

1.  March 28 , 2016– Don H to prepare 1-page flyer telling what Men’s Club is about, referring to Ruach for more information.  Bill S and Bill F will staff sign up table.  Don H. to introduce Chief Zimmerman

2.  April 10 – Bob Holloway will lead the hike, carpooling to Mission Trails Regional Park from the synagogue parking lot.  Announcements are in Shofar, and flyers are made up for distribution, Ed C. reports   Bill S said the club should consider having regular Sunday programs for Torah school dads.

3.  May 4 – Yom HaShoah Yellow Candles.  These will be distributed through the Torah School and the office.  Proceeds from the candle sale (minus cost to us for candles) will be exclusively dedicated for scholarships to March of the Living and other Holocaust related programs.

4.  May 12 – Sisterhood/ Men’s Club barbecue & Fundraising – Sisterhood has separate items for auction  If samples are ready in time, Men’s Club might sell the engraved bricks for “$100 & Chai.”  Bill S suggested that purchasers also be issued a certificate testifying to their being brick holders.  Money raised from the Brick Sale will be held by the Men’s Club, with a donation to be made to the synagogue when enough money accrues.    Ed C mentioned that some synagogues find ways to make money from major sporting events like the Super Bowl and All Star Game.  Bill S said we should consider a pancake breakfast.  Don H said perhaps we could raise money by donating goods and professional services to Men’s Club.

5.  June 5 – We have paid our $100 share to help underwrite a talk by Joellyn Zollman on Jewish delis sponsored by the JCC at Temple Emanu-El

6.  July 24 – We’re going to have a TIS Men’s Club bowling night, renting at least 4 lanes, with 6 people maximum per lane.  So we’ll need to have 24 people there.  With pizza it will be $20 per person approximately, according to Alan G.

7.  August 21—Jewish Community  Night with the Padres.  Concept is that we will have some food before hand, perhaps in Mission Valley, and then all head by trolley to our group seats at Petco Park.
Maybe have a speaker join us before the meal.  We’re expecting more details from Phil Snyder

8  September 25 – Barbecue and picnic at San Elijo Beach, Encinitas, where Bill S the RVer has a camp site on the beach, and we can all bring our blankets and shovels!

9.  October 22 – Steak in the Sukkah.  We discussed another night as a possibility before deciding on a unanimous 5-0 vote to do it on this Saturday night, following Havdallah.  Bill F. thinks he knows a wine vendor who will be happy to have us sample kosher wines on this occasion.

10.  November – We don’t know the details but we would like to do a dinner followed by attendance at an author talk – similar to what we did with the film festival.

11.  December – We’d like to prepare latkes for the preschoolers a we did last year.

E.    Federation of Jewish Men’s Club – Bill S reported that FJMC has requested our membership roster.  We voted 5-0 to send it to them  (Moved by Don H, seconded by Bill Friedel)

F.  Items for Discussion next Meeting – Katie Turchin, mother of Myer Turchin, will join us at the beginning of next month’s meeting.  Also we will discuss increasing Men’s Club participation in the morning minyan; setting up an ushering program when needed; creating a social action committee.

IV  Treasurer’s Report –Bill F. said we have $3,243.78 in treasury, plus $500 in Yellow Candle scholarship fund.  We sent $100 to the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs and $50 to the FJMC Western Region.  We received from Lori Kurtz, administrative director of Tifereth Israel Synagogue, a thank you note for our $100 contribution in honor of Phil Snyder’s recovery.

V.  Secretary’s Report – Don H said he would like people to send in photos of family happenings they kvell about, for example Jeff Korn becoming a first-time grandparent.  He also suggested when Men’s Club members travel to other cities and countries, they hold up a sign saying “TISMC was here” for publication in the Ruach….  Don has been in touch with the members of Shir Chadash, who are willing to make a CD under the technical direction of their member and saxophonist-percussionist George Fogelman.  The Men’s Club plans to contact a potential donor.

VI.  Communications Chair Report – Ed C. said material is in for April, focusing on the hike that will be led by Bob Holloway.  It will go in the Shofar and on a flyer.  Rabbi Rosenthal helped edit it, he noted.

VII  Program – Alan Goldenberg detailed arrangements for bowling night (see above).  He also reported that the synagogue’s board has been concerned with such budget issues as paying for tree and for LED lighting.

VIII – Membership, Religious Affairs, Vice President, and Past President – As the occupants of these offices were absent, no reports were given this month.

IX  Next Meeting –To accommodate schedules, it was decided to hold the meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, May 9.  As the synagogue will be closed that evening, the meeting will be held at the home of our President Bill Sperling, whose birthday is the very next day.

X  Good and Welfare – Before adjourning, members offered contributions in honor of the following:
Don H—his granddaughter Sara’s birthday; Bill F—congratulations to Joel Kriger on the engagement of his son Philip; Bill S – The safe arrival home of the Sperlings and the Friedels from their journey in Asia.  Ed C – In honor of his daughter Debbie Levy going to Korea to visit a sister school.

Respectfully submitted,

Donald H. Harrison

Minutes, TIS Men’s Club Executive Committee, Feb. 23. 2016

Clockwise from bottom left: Alan Goldenberg, Joel Kriger, Bill Friedel, Bill Sperling and Bob Holloway
Clockwise from bottom left: Alan Goldenberg, Joel Kriger, Bill Friedel, Bill Sperling and Bob Holloway share a moment at the TIS Men’s Club Executive Committee Meeting on Feb. 23

I.  ATTENDANCE – The meeting was held in the Braun Library of Tifereth Israel Synagogue from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, February 23.  In attendance were Bill Sperling, Bob Holloway, Don Harrison, Bill Friedel, Alan Goldenberg and Joel Kriger.  Having six of the nine members present was more than the required quorum.    Guest: David Ogul

David Ogul appeals for more attendance at morning minyan
David Ogul appeals for more attendance at morning minyan

II DVAR TORAH—David Ogul held a group of pencils in his fist, then let go (illustrating what could have been the Big Bang).  The pencils fell, splayed, to the desk.   God created the universe, David said, gathering up the pencils again.  Our job is to help bring it back closer.

III  DAILY MINYAN REQUEST – David Ogul’s comments above came during the course of his appeal to the Men’s Club to encourage members to attend the morning minyan which meets at 7:30 a.m.  weekdays, 8:30 a.m., Sundays or weekdays in the Chapel.  Minyan is replaced by regular Shabbat services on Saturdays.   He said the service typically takes less than an hour and is followed by fellowship over coffee and bagels, with an even heartier breakfast on Fridays.  The problem is when a minyan (10) does not show up, people are unable to say Kaddish either for those who have just died or on their yahrzeit dates.   No formal action was taken, but David’s message struck a chord.

A.  Bill Sperling
1.  Approval of expenses – Under the provision that any expense of $100 or more should be brought to the executive committee for approval, Bill sought and obtained motions and unanimous votes for the following expenses.

  1. Purim Carnival contribution to the synagogue, $100, moved by Friedel, seconded by Harrison.
  2. Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) — $150 with $100 to national, $50 to western region. (Friedel-Holloway)
  3. (Later in meeting) on motion of Bill Friedel, several voiced seconds, the executive committee approved $100  to co-sponsor a talk June 5 at Temple Emanu-El by Joellyn Zollman concerning Jewish delis and the development of American Jewish culture.
  4. FJMC has asked Bill S for members’ email; Bill wants members to say whether they wish to receive email from FJMC.  In the meantime, the club’s online newsletter, the Ruach, is open to FJMC’s announcements.3.   Telephone tree/ Email Note—Men’s Club has 42 people who either are members or subscribers to the Ruach.  Bill S suggested we use a telephone tree to get those members who haven’t subscribed to subscribe to the Ruach, and those Ruach readers who haven’t joined to pay their dues.   Later in the meeting Don Harrison was asked to write a letter urging memberships and subscriptions.

    4.  Discussion of prior events – Bill said he was pleased with the Tu B’Shevat tree planting, the World Wide Wrap, and the Film Festival.  Bill suggested that the wrap, in the future, be done when Torah school is in session, to attract an even larger crowd.  And, he said, we should each invite three friends. Concerning the tree planting, Bob Holloway suggested that next year we get a biblical tree such as olive, date, fig or pomegranate.  Perhaps we should plan to plant each year.

    5. Committee membership – Bill asked the chairs of the committees (Membership, Communications, Religious Affairs, and Program) to try to enlist 2-3 members initially to serve with them on the committees to lighten the chairs’ work loads and to increase participation.

    6.  Scheduling new events – Bill reminded us that we should look at the master calendar before scheduling any event.

    7.  Fundraising –Concerning the May 12 barbecue, Bill reported the Sisterhood decided that it wanted to reserve special funds for a “needy family.”  Bill said Men’s Club is free to do what it wants with its share of the proceeds.  Sisterhood plans a raffle.  Bob Holloway recommended for Men’s Club a brick sale, in which special bricks with a donor’s name could be  used to build a retaining wall around the big ficus tree or somewhere else.  Bricks might be sold for $200, with proceeds split three ways among the Men’s Club, the Synagogue, and the Men’s Club charitable fund, such as been recommended for the support of a leukemia patient known to the club..  Bill said he would determine the synagogue’s reaction to the brick idea.

    8.  April 10 hike – Bob Holloway said we should send out a flyer announcing the hike and that he could create one

    9.  Other activities – Bill S.  said he likes the idea of a bowling night – this covered later in detail by Alan Goldenberg.   We need to follow up on the idea of having Norm Sherry speak to our club on August 21, the same day as when Jewish community attends the Padre game.  If not Sherry perhaps Andy Strassberg, or both.  It was recommend that we have a brunch at a Mission Valley restaurant and then take the trolley to the game.

    10  Business cards – Bill had printed a supply of business cards for himself indicating that he is the President and giving the web address of the Ruach

    11.Schmooze Lounge – Bill asked that when people make a donation in other people’s honor, they might consider designating it for the Schmooze Lounge, in order to make that area more and more welcoming..  Bill F. pointed out that the money is to be used by the synagogue for that purpose, but not specifically under the direction of the Men’s Club.

    B   Bob Holloway —  He expressed concern that there may be unresolved tension between the synagogue board and the Men’s Club.  After discussion, Bill S said he would withdraw his intended motion to enable Men’s Club and Sisterhood to designate alternates to attend the board meetings when their presidents cannot.

    C.  Don Harrison – To make the Ruach readable and fun, members should message him about interesting events in their lives, or reasons they have for kvelling.   Don said that the profile series is almost completed; Bill S. recommended that it be extended to other active members of the club.

    D.  Bill Friedel –
    1.   Treasury — He reported that the club treasury (excluding money approved tonight) contained $3,205.17 in its general fund and $500 in the special Yellow Candle Fund.  He added that there are some chits outstanding from members who have laid out their own funds for various projects.

    2.  Bikkur Cholim –Bill F reported various synagogue members including himself and Bill Sperling, Marty Kaplan and Merle Lonstein have agreed to visit the sick, whose names are supplied on a confidential basis to the new Bikkur Cholim group.  As a matter of privacy, names of patients will not be reported in the Minutes, unless it is upon their request.  Rabbi Dalin, the community chaplain, will hold a training session for bikkur cholim participants.

    E.  RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS – In the absence of Norm Katz, chairman, to make a report,  the Yellow Candle program for May 4 was discussed by the executive committee membership  Yellow Candles will be distributed to upper grades of the Torah School on May 4.  What is not used will be put on a table in the synagogue foyer, along with a letter explaining the use of the candles and a request for a donation of $18.  A sign saying Yom HaShoah Candles should perhaps be mounted on the table.  Bill S. will ask Kandice in the office if she is willing to produce such a sign.  It is anticipated that at the Torah school Norm will discuss the importance of remembering the Holocaust.  Don Harrison was asked to write an explanatory letter; Joel Kriger said he would send to Don copies of the letters from previous years.

    F.  COMMUNICATIONS – In the absence of Chairman Ed Cherlin, Don Harrison reported that the Men’s Club has been assigned the Skeetball Booth.   Ed and Joel Kriger will work it, other volunteers welcome.

    G.  JOEL KRIGER (Membership) – He distributed a list of members and subscribers with 42 names on it.  Per item IV-A-3 above, Don will write a note trying to harmonize subscribers and members.

    H.  ALAN GOLDENBERG (Program)  – He recommended that depending on availability a bowling night be scheduled at Parkway Bowl after 6:30 p.m.  Cost is $60 per lane, with a maximum of 6 people to lane.  Additionally pizza and other vegetarian options are available.  Bill S. suggested that there be prizes, perhaps for high & low score.   It was also suggested by Bill S. that sometime in the summer the Men’s Club sponsor a family picnic, perhaps up at San Elijo Beach in Cardiff.

    Don Harrison and Bob Holloway brought forth the idea of asking Shir Chadash to cut a CD and then to sell the CD as a fundraiser that could be divided among the synagogue, Men’s Club, and Shir Chadash.  There was enthusiasm and Don and Bob were asked to check out details and bring back a further report. Joel Kriger said he could give us a form for Shir Chadash members to sign waiving royalties.

    It was scheduled for 7 p.m., Thursday, March 24th, in the Library.  Kandice confirms there are no conflicting events.

    VI  GOOD AND WELFARE –Club members took note of the following simchas:  Don – 48th Wedding Anniversary; Alan – 24th Wedding Anniversary; Bob – Marlene’s birthday;  Bill S – Judy’s good health; Bill Friedel—Our Past President’s good health.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Donald H. Harrison



Executive Committee Minutes, Jan. 14, 2016


From left, Alan Goldenberg, Joel Kriger, Bill Friedel and Phil Sperling listen during Men's Club executive committee meeting
From left, Alan Goldenberg, Joel Kriger, Bill Friedel and Phil Snyder listen during Men’s Club executive committee meeting

Following are the minutes of the Tifereth Israel Synagogue Men’s Club meeting of January 14, 2016:

I.  ATTENDANCE — The meeting of the Executive Committee of the Tifereth Israel Men’s Club was held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Braun Library at Tifereth Israel Synagogue on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016.   In attendance were: Bill Sperling, president; Bob Holloway, vice president; Don Harrison, secretary; Bill Friedel, treasurer;  Phil Snyder, immediate past president; Alan Goldenberg, program chair ; Norm Katz, religious affairs chair; Joel Kriger, membership chair.  Excused Absence: Ed Cherlin, communications chair, who was in New York visiting two daughters and their families.   Guests: Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal, installing officer, and Nancy Harrison, group photo taker.

INSTALLATION – Rabbi Rosenthal congratulated Phil Snyder, Norm Katz and Joel Kriger for the jobs they had done keeping the Men’s Club going over the past decade, and recalled earlier days of the Men’s Club when it met in the basement of Tifereth Israel Synagogue in the old building at 30th and Howard.  The basement, he said, was at that time the turf of the Men’s Club, where poker games were said to be a frequent occurrence.  Now, reading The Ruach, he said he can see that the Men’s Club under the presidency of Bill Sperling and the new executive committee is embarked upon a new era of activities and fellowship, for which he extended his sincere best wishes.  The rabbi and the executive committee then had a group photo taken.

3.  TERMS OF OFFICE – The bylaws call for the elected members of the reconstituted executive committee to draw lots at the beginning of the first term so that half of those would serve one year and the other half two years  Thereafter each election shall be for two years.  In this way, there will always be at least four veteran elected members of the board, as well as the Immediate Past President, serving in any given year.   Accordingly, an envelope with folded slips of paper bearing the numbers 1 or 2 was passed around, and each member drew a number; the last slip of paper being reserved for Ed Cherlin, who was absent.   The results were:

MEMBER                                                           POSITION                        FIRST TERM OF OFFICE
Bill Sperling                                                          President                                         1
Bob Holloway                                                      Vice President                             1
Don Harrison                                                       Secretary                                         2
Bill Friedel                                                             Treasurer                                         2
Alan Goldenberg                                             Program Chair                                2
Norm Katz                                                            Religious Action                           1
Joel Kriger                                                            Membership                                   1
Ed Cherlin                                                             Communications                         2
Phil Snyder                                   Immediate Past President        Ex Officio

a.  PROGRAM ORIENTED – President Bill said he looks forward to a program-oriented year, in which each activity will be captained by a chairman who will be helped by at least two volunteers.  His idea is to get people involved in activities that will build the Men’s Club, and to have a diverse range of activities appealing to many tastes.
b.  BRINGING IN ALL MEN–He said his goal is to reach out and bring into the club all the men in the synagogue, with particular attention to the younger men of the congregation.
c.  OUTREACH TO YOUNGER MEN — To bring in younger men, he suggested meeting at the synagogue with parents of pre-school and Sunday school children to let them know about the Men’s Club.
D.  COMMUNITY OUREACH—President Bill said other men in the community can be brought in as associate members, among them members of Temple Emanu-El who currently have no men’s club.
E.  FEDERATION OF JEWISH MEN’S CLUBS (FJMC) – Bill told of meetings arranged by Phil Snyder with Steve Silverstone, president of the Western Region of Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, as well as with Gary Smith, a national vice president of FJMC.  Encouraging us to get organized, the two men agreed club dues to FJMC national and regional should be waived until the end of the calendar year, and then paid for 2017.  Dues are $13 per year per member, with the lion’s share going to the national, and a percentage to regional.  He said he believes FJMC membership is worthwhile, even as Sisterhood belongs to a national organization.
F.  KITCHEN WORKERS – Bill noted that many events involve food preparation.  Those who wish to work in the kitchen are required to be certified as having taken a test concerning food safety.  Certification is for three years and the synagogue staff is currently arranging a date for a new est.
G.  DISCUSSION – Phil Snyder said that Rabbi Charles Simon, FJMC executive director, is planning to visit our club, perhaps before Pesach.
H.  ADDITIONAL COMMENTS – Bill said the club should emphasize some of the major projects it is undertaking, including the following: 1). tree planting for the school; 2) educate the school children about Yom Hashoah; 3) world wide wrap for adults 4) March of the living scholarship programs to send a well deserving student to participate in the visit to Poland and to Israel;  5) schmooze lounge and improve upon its setting; 6) pancake breakfast for the school; 7) Latke night;  8) assist in Purim; 9) new programs for the men’s club;  10) eventual home visitation and hospital visitation group to assist the rabbi

A.  TU B’SHEVAT TREE PLANTING—Having secured a lemon tree jointly purchased by Men’s Club and Sisterhood, and an orange tree donated by Bill Tall, proprietor of the City Farmers Nursery,  Men’s Club and Sisterhood will jointly hold a tree planting on Sunday morning, January 24, for Torah School students.  CHAIRMAN  Bob Holloway; VOLUNTEERS: Bill Friedel, Don Harrison
B.  PHONE TREE:  Bob disseminated a list assigning to each member of the executive committee the names and phone numbers of at least four Men’s Club members to be notified of events before they occur.  This list will be periodically updated as the Men’s Club membership grows.

From right, Norm Katz, Bob Holloway and Bill Sperling during Jan 14, 2016 meeting of the TIS Men's Club Executive Committee
From right, Norm Katz, Bob Holloway and Bill Sperling during Jan 14, 2016 meeting of the TIS Men’s Club Executive Committee

I.  Don went over a list of upcoming Men’s Club events (as modified by discussions)
A.  JANUARY 18 (Monday) — Martin Luther King Jr. Cleanup—9:15 a.m., Jan. 18, Gold Gulch (President’s Way and Park Avenue) – Men’s Club members including Dan Tomsky will participate in a clean-up project with other organizations including from the Jewish community: Temple Emanu-El, Hillel, Congregation Beth Israel.
B.  JANUARY 21 (Thursday) – Rabbi Steve Wernick, CEO of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, will be dropping by Tifereth Israel Synagogue for a 3:30-4:30 p.m. meeting with the leadership of the following units: Synagogue Board, Synagogue Religious Affairs Committee, Men’s Club, Sisterhood.  Those wishing to attend should RSVP to the office at (619) 697-6001.
C.  JANUARY 24 (Sunday) –Tu B’Shevat tree planting.  See discussion under Vice President’s Report.
D.  FEBRUARY 7 (Sunday) –WORLD WIDE WRAP –Norm Katz will lead a program teaching men how to put on tefillin followed by a bagel and lox breakfast. (see Religious Affairs Report below)
E.  FEBRUARY 10 (Wednesday) – 6 p.m. Pay-your-own dinner at Sipz prior to 8 p.m. showing of movie Encirclements at Clairemont Theatres.  See The Ruach for details.  We have reserved 30 seats, as of meeting sign ups included:
1-2  Bill and Barbara Sperling
3-4  Bill and Judy Friedel
5-6  Don & Nancy Harrison
7-8  Ed & Sue Cherlin
9-10 Rabbi Len & Judy Rosenthal
11-12 Michael & Paula Mantell
13.  Simon Lonstein
14  Norm Katz
15-16  Bob & Marlene Holloway
17-18  Alan Goldenberg & Giela Gray
We need 12 more people
F.  MARCH 20 (Sunday) (POSSIBLE) – We have been asked if we would like to donate financially and as volunteers to the Purim carnival.  No decision as we require more information about what would be needed.
G.  MARCH 28 (Monday) –In a joint presentation with Sisterhood, Men’s Club will sponsor a dessert reception and talk for San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman, 7:30 p.m.  TIS Social Hall,  The entire community should be invited.
H.  APRIL (date to be determined) – Bob Holloway will lead a hike through Mission Trails Regional Park.
  I. MAY 4– Men’s Club will distribute Yellow Candles and seek donations for the March of the Living Scholarship prior to Yom Hashoah which falls on the evening and day of May 4 and  5. (See Religious Action Committee Report by Norm Katz below)
J.  MAY 12 (Thursday) – Sisterhood and Men’s Club will jointly sponsor a barbecue and fundraiser. Phil Snyder recommended that a share of the proceeds be designated for a charity selected by the family in honor of Myer Turchin, a boy in the congregation.  Bill Sperling says “we will need to cover costs for the event by charging a fee.” We can include a silent auction table with proceeds going to research…we should ask the family if they need the funds and then we can revert it them instead of research…the meal will be hamburgers ,hot dogs and salads.”
K.  MAY 20-22 (Friday through Sunday) – Western Region FJMC holds a retreat in Malibu.  Details in The Ruach.
L.  MAY 26-JUNE 5 – National FJMC conducts a tour of Israel.  Details in The Ruach.
M.  SUMMER – Possibilities mentioned included boys/men’s softball; a bowling night
N. SEPTEMBER – Steak in the Sukkah.

II – The RuachDon said that the Ruach is intended not only for minutes, agendas, and official business of the club, but also as a place for articles about club members so that we can come to know each other better. So far profiles have been written about Bill Sperling, Bob Holloway and Phil Snyder with others planned for every member of the executive committee as well as other active members of Men’s Club.  In addition, Don requests happy news, items to kvell about, such as the one published about Ed Cherlin’s grandson, Noah Baird, currently being a regular cast member on Broadway in the hit musical Matilda. 

III.  Discussion – Bill Sperling said that he and Don Harrison had met with Synagogue staff Beth Klareich, Lori Kurtz and Kandice Zelaskowski to discuss integrating The Ruach ( with The Tifereth Israel website.  Once technical arrangements can be made with Tifereth’s webmaster Evan Scheingross, it will be linked as a “blog” of the Tifereth Israel website at

A.  CURRENT BALANCE – Bill Friedel reported that $2,990.52 is in the Men’s Club bank account, and that another $500 sits in a special Yellow Candle Fund earmarked for the March of the Living.  Some money is owed for out of pocket expenses of Norm Katz, who will submit form.
B.  501 c3 – Bill said money for the Men’s Club is collected and accounted for by Steven Cohen of the synagogue staff, with no separate checking account necessary.
C.   DISCUSSION—Bill Sperling recommended that we publicize March of Living Scholarship as well as the Schmooze Lounge, to both of which donations may be made.

A.  Don Harrison said that he and Ed Cherlin met with synagogue staff members Linda Marus and Kandice Zelaskowski to go over monthly deadlines for the Shofar, website, and email blasts.  Essentially the deadline is the 5th of the month preceding the month of publication, eg. Feb. 5 is the deadline for articles to appear in the Shofar, and on website and email blasts for March publication.  Only two people should liaise with the staff for publicity purposes – Ed Cherlin or Bill Sperling.  Everyone else should bring their requests through them.

A.  Joel said 20 letters were sent out to members whose dues have not yet been paid; so far one return has come in with a check.

A.  Don gave the report earlier
B.  Bill Sperling said he will meet with Alan and go over some programming ideas.

A.  WORLD WIDE WRAP – Sunday, Feb. 7 – Norm said the idea is to teach men how to wrap tefillin and to say the b’rachot (blessings).  Event at 9:30 a.m., will be followed by a bagel and lox brunch, with Norm offering to donate the lox.  This event will be chaired by Norm Katz, with Alan Goldenberg and Bill Sperling serving as volunteers.  We need to get extra tefillin from the rabbi.  Have brunch tables set up.

B.  YOM HASHOAH YELLOW CANDLE DISTRIBUTION – We need to box up the candles, and also go to Torah school and preschool to talk to parents about yellow candle program.  Norm will chair this event with volunteers Bill Sperling, Bill Friedel and Don Harrison. …  Bill S says “we will do the event on May 4 and will ask Amy Stanley (preschool director) if we can go to the classrooms and explain the meaning of the yellow candle and then hand them out to the parents … We need to enclose an envelope and a note to explain the meaning of it and ask for a donation. we will also distribute them perhaps at events before May as well as ask the rabbi if he will allow distribution post services. Next year we will plan the evening memorial event according to Norm

A.  CONGRATULATIONS – Phil said he was impressed and happy by the renewed activity of the Men’s Club.  He suggested a fundraiser for the Leukemia Society in honor of Myer Turchin (grandson of Jerry and Bev Turchin, son of Josh Turchin) prompting Bill Sperling to suggest that could be the theme of the May 12 barbecue with Sisterhood.  A committee was appointed to make this happen consisting of Phil Snyder chair,  and volunteers Alan Goldenberg, and Bill Sperling.

13.  NEXT MEETING – Tuesday, February 23rd at the synagogue, Braun Library if available, 7 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by your faithful secretary,

Donald H. Harrison