Executive Committee Minutes: October 5, 2016

                             TISC Men’s Club
                Executive Committee Minutes
                           October 5, 2016

I.  ATTENDANCE–  The meeting in the library of Tifereth Israel Synagogue was called to order by President Bill Sperling. In attendance were executive committee members Sperling, Bob Holloway, Alan Goldenberg, Norm Katz and Don Harrison, with those five constituting a quorum.  Absent: Joel Kriger, Bill Friedel, Phil Snyder.  Recently resigned: Ed Cherlin.  Two guests attended: Joel Sperber and David Schlickman.

II.  WORD OF TORAH – Norm Kaz noted that the final two commandments of the Torah involve community renewal every seven years.  Important to renew one’s quest for answers to such existential questions as where did we come from? where are we going?  Of what story are we a part?

III. MINUTES—On the motion of Norm Katz, it was agreed unanimously that the status of the treasury, the costs of various items and other financial information should be handled in executive sessions, with the Ruach simply reporting what subjects were discussed.  There should be a way for members to access such information, however, through the use of passwords, once the Ruach is reconfigured to such a standard.

IV,  STEAK IN THE SUKKAH – Bill Sperling suggested that a phone tree be set up to prompt greater attendance.  When he gives his speech at Kol Nidre he plans to make mention of this event.  Volunteering to serve as staff for the event, including set up, were Alan, Bob, and Bill S – the latter of whom also said his wife Barbara also would help out.  Rabbi Rosenthal will deliver a d’var Torah.  Joel Kriger will take photos.

V.   YOUTH OF THE YEAR – Bill will be presenting silver plated Torah pointers to two students at Yom Kippur.

VI.  ASK THE RABBI—The first session will be Nov. 13.  At this and others, those who have volunteered to be coordinators should bring two dozen bagels and a requisite amount of cream cheese.  We need to promote the Ask the Rabbi sessions, which are particularly designed for the young families who are bringing their children to Torah school.  Each session—eg, in November, December, January and February—will have a different coordinator from the Men’s Club.

VII.  GENERAL MEETING NOV. 30th.  Bill S. would like to create a new position – Member at Large – instead of Communications Chairman.   It will be a dessert meeting, which Alan Goldenberg will coordinate.  Don will send out an announcement to members, listing the offices up for election, and the names of incumbents seeking reelection. Open seats also will be identified, and members may make nominations for any office provided the nominee gives assent.

VIII.  BRICK PROGRAM – There was extended discussion about putting in a cement base so the bricks won’t sink into the ground during rains.  Also, there was discussion about possibly installing solar lights.

IX.  TREASURER’S REPORT – Bill Sperling relayed the current figures as compiled by Bill Friedel. As per Item III of these minutes, any Men’s Club member seeking more information may contact treasurer Bill Friedel via bill.friedel@tismensclub.us.

X.  HIGH HOLY DAY USHERING AND DRAWING – At a previous meeting it was decided to have a drawing from names of Men’s Club members who became High Holy Day ushers for a one-half off the $45 per member ticket to Steak in the Sukkah.  Guest Joel Sperber drew the winning name.  It was …. (drum roll) … Randy Phillipp.

XI.  SUSTAINING MEMBERS — Bill Sperling noted that some people are signing up to be sustaining members of Men’s Club, by paying annual dues of $50 rather than $36.

XII. SCHMOOZE LOUNGE – Bill would like to make fixing up the lounge a project after the High Holy Days.

XIII.—CHANUKAH FOOD HANDLERS CERTIFICATES –Those wishing to help prepare latkes for Chanukah – in the event our club is asked to do so again – must obtain a food handler’s license.  This involves a simple written test.  Norm Katz can provide details.

XIV.  VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Bob Holloway said when people see the bricks by the front walkway, their interest is stimulated, and some will buy bricks too.  A self fulfilling prophecy, he suggested.

XV – OTHER REPORTS – There were no other reports from the officers present.

A)  MISHLOACH MANOS — Joel Sperber, who served as a congregational president is Palos Verdes, mentioned a number of programs which his former congregation—Ner Tamid –utilized.  One that drew  particular attention was a mishloach manos program (Purim food basket), which he said is easily assembled and can earn a modest amount for the club by selling the baskets.  On Don’s suggestion, Joel said he would pull together a memo outlining how it was done at his former congregation, so that the executive committee might further study the idea.

B)  DANCE NIGHT  — Norm Katz mentioned that he is familiar with a Beatles tribute band called the Baja Bugs, and that perhaps they would be willing to perform in concert for us.

XVII – ADJOURNMENT – We adjourned a minute or two before 9 p.m.

XVIII   NEXT MEETING – The next meeting of the executive committee will be held at 7 p.m. November 17.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Harrison, Secretary

Guest column: Shofar squad event today

By Olga Worm

Our Sisterhood is donating beautiful Shofars to every student in our Torah School.   We will be presenting the Shofars to our students during Torah School today , October 5.

I will be teaching students in each class from 4-5:30 p.m, and from 5:30-6 p.m, we will have a lovely formal presentation.

Please join me in this special mitzvah at 4 p.m. in the school if you would like to assist and see the students try the Shofars for the first time.

Or, come at 5:30pm in the sanctuary to be in the photos and to personally present a Shofar to a child in our school, and hear them all blow together.

Please bring your spouses, children, grandchildren, friends and other congregants to make it a big celebration.

I would love for the entire Sisterhood Board and all Sisterhood members to be present for this important occasion.  Men’s Club President Bill Sperling has invited  Men’s Club members to come too.

I have arranged for several reporters, photographers, video, etc.  Our Rabbi and Cantor will be there, along with some synagogue board members.

We have also invited the parents of the students and our Shofar Squad members to participate.

All of the students will bring their Shofars and be called up for the sounding of the Shofar at the end of Yom Kippur!

October 2016 Executive Committee Agenda

TIS Men’s Club Executive Committee Meeting
Oct. 5, 2016 Agenda

1.  Call to order – at 7 p.m. in the Board Room

2.  Word of Torah – Norm Katz

3.  Approval of September minutes

4.  President’s Report – Bill Sperling
A.  Yom Kippur speech/ presentation of Yads to students of year
B.  Steak in the Sukkah/ Men of the Year Oct. 16 – Discussion
C.  Ask the Rabbi, Nov. 13 , Dec. 11, Jan 22, Feb. 12 – Discussion
D.  Club Election – Nov 30th, 7 p.m. – Discussion
E.  Chanukah/ Food preparation certificates –Need date for latkes
F.  Review of Brick Program
G.  Review of Red Shirt program
H.  Review of High Holiday ushering
I.  Membership reminder, $36 regular, $50 sustaining
J.  Schmooze Lounge decoration – Discussion
K.  Discussion of events for 2017

5.  Vice President’s Report – Bob Holloway
6.  Secretary’s Report – Don Harrison
7. Treasurer’s Report – Bill Friedel
8. Immediate Past President’s Report – Phil Snyder
9.  Program Committee Report – Alan Goldenberg
10.  Religious Committee Report – Norm Katz
11.  Membership Committee Report –Joel Kriger
12.  New Business
13.  Next Meetings:  Nov. 17, Dec. 8
14.  Adjournment by 9 p.m.

Brick-by-Brick program takes shape outside synagogue


The Men’s Club brick-by-brick program to raise funds for Tifereth Israel Synagogue and to memorialize or praise our loved ones is taking shape alongside the front walkway of the synagogue.

Bricks cost $180 each  for three lines of up to  20 characters.  An explanation sign is posted near the bricks.


Below are some samples of bricks already on site in time for Rosh Hashanah.


TISMC wows ’em at Federation Men’s Event

From left, Men's Club members at the Federation Men's Club pictured here were
From left, Men’s Club members at the Federation Men’s Club pictured here were Bill Friedel, table captain; Bill Sperling; Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal, Bob Holloway, Norm Katz, Phil Snyder, Ed  Cherlin, Mike Kula and Don Harrison,.

SAN DIEGO — With many Tifereth Israel Synagogue Men’s Club members wearing their signature red shirts, we drew a lot of attention at the Jewish Federation’s Men’s Event on Thursday evening, Sept. 29

Several members reported that other people came close to read the legends on their shirts, and to compliment our men for our obvious spirit.

The keynote speaker at the event was Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal.  To read Don Harrison’s account of his speech, and the  evening, please click here.

Bob Holloway honored by Republic of Korea

bob-holloway-inchon-anniversary-medalOur Men’s Club Vice President Bob Holloway was an honoree on Thursday, Sept. 15, at a ceremony at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base recalling the 66th anniversary of Operation Chromite, which was the landing at Incheon, Korea, in 1950.

In the presence of Marine Corps generals, Bob and approximately 69 other Korean War veterans were presented with special medals by Key Cheol Lee, who serves as Consul General in Los Angeles  for the Republic of Korea.

A presentation script read;  “You fought in the Korean War which lasted from Jun. 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953 to protect peace and humanity.  To honor and remember the noble spirit, pieces of the DMZ barbed wire fence and cartridge cases used during the Korean war have been used to craft this medal of appreciation. We present you this appreciation medal with a certificate of all Koreans’ respect and gratitude.”

Having joined the Marine Corps at 17, Bob was too young to participate in the Inchon landing, but he arrived in Incheon in February 1952 and immediately was assigned to an outpost where his unit listened for tanks, troop movements and artillery fire.

Subsequently the Marines learned that there was another outpost nearby – one manned by North Korean soldiers.  On February 25, 1953,” his unit staged a raid on the Communist outpost.  “A mortar came in and knocked me unconscious and really screwed up my left leg,” Bob recalled.  “I got gangrene and at that time there wasn’t much you could do, but there was a new antibiotic—terramycin—and that saved my leg from being amputated.”

While he was lying on a gurney, his commanding officer hovered over him for the few seconds it took to present him with a Purple Heart.  “It’s not much of a war, but it’s all we got,” the officer told him.

Bike ride planned against childhood cancers

By Katie Turchin

Myer Turchin
Myer Turchin

SAN DIEGO — September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Before our son Myer was diagnosed, the only color ribbon I knew was pink, but now I proudly wear gold in honor of Myer and all the other Warriors fighting this battle on a daily basis. Overall the Maintenance phase has been going well for us and Myer has really been enjoying Kindergarten. He has missed a few days due to scheduled clinic visits and also just not feeling well after his steroid and Methotrexate pulses. He was able to share his story with his classmates and introduce them to his stuffed Monkey, Bananas who sits in his chair when he isn’t able to be at school. His class was so supportive of him and they all proudly sported a Super Boy tattoo and his amazing teacher Mrs. Hobson sends us great pictures of Bananas keeping up with Myer’s school work!

We feel so fortunate to have such an amazing Super Boy Crew fighting beside us along this crazy journey this past 11 months (I can’t believe it has almost been a year since diagnosis), and we are so excited to have the opportunity to give back. Padres Pedal The Cause is a two day bike ride that raises money that goes towards FOUR! different cancer research organizations in San Diego, one of which is Rady Children’s Hospital! Pedal The Cause has a wonderful program called “Ride For a Child” where they set up an existing Organization/Team with a kid from Rady’s that they ride in honor of, and Myer was one of the kids chosen to be a part of this program! We have been teamed up with an incredible team called the Oceanside Glasstile Cancer Kickers and we have already met our team captain, David Fatula, and a bunch of the riders! They have already joined our Super Boy Crew and we are so excited to merge our two groups and help fund raise to make a “world without cancer”! So…you are probably asking yourself, how can we help?! There are lots of ways to join our team, and we hope you will consider one of them!

The big event is November 12-13th. Here is the link to our team page. You have the option to donate or join the team. http://sandiego.pedalthecause.org/team_profile.jsp?MemberID=6410

If you are interested in riding, there are several different options available. You can ride one day or both days, a few miles or lots of miles, you can ride on a stationary bike on Petco field, you can even be a virtual rider and just ask for donations!

Saturday is the main day that we will be participating in and we hope you can join us in one or both of the activities planned. There is a Superhero Kids Challenge bike ride from 3:00-4:30 p.m. that both our daugher Ella and Myer will be participating in and would love for their friends to join them (registration is $40)! The other big opportunity is from 8 a.m. -12:30 p.m. there is an Aid Station at Mile 44 in Alpine for all the riders and our team needs volunteers! This is our chance to cheer everyone on and let our team know how much we appreciate them and how proud we are of them! We will be handing out water and fruit and just showing them a good time and encourage them to make it through the rest of the course! Most of the riders from our team are from North (San Diego) County, so it would be great if we could represent East (San Diego) County and sign up to represent the Super Boy Crew! If you would like to volunteer, click on the Corte Madera Aid Station option when prompted.

If you would like to support Pedal The Cause, but you aren’t available that weekend, you can always donate to our team. When you click on the link above it should take you to our team page and you will see both Myer and Ella’s names at the top. If you would like to donate directly to their ride, just click on their name!

Lastly, there is a Kick-off Party on Saturday night at Petco for everyone who is involved. Myer’s 6th birthday just happens to be that Monday (Nov. 14th), so we will be doing something special for him that night and would love for you all to be a part of it! I have said many times throughout this past year that life can change in a day, and those of Myer, Ella, husband Josh and myself certainly have, but it has also allowed for opportunities like this where we have been introduced to wonderful people and organizations that give back and make a difference. We are looking forward to a life changing weekend and we hope you will consider joining us!

Turchin is a member of Tifereth Israel Synagogue.

Executive Committee Minutes, September 8, 2016

                                                   Executive Committee Minutes
                                                     Thursday September 8, 2016

1.  CALL TO ORDER AND ATTENDANCE – President Bill Sperling called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. in the Board Room of Tifereth Israel Synagogue.  In attendance were a quorum of members including Sperling, Bob Holloway, Don Harrison, Bill Friedel, Alan Goldenberg and, shortly afterwards, Norm Katz.  Absent: Phil Snyder, Ed Cherlin, Joel Kriger.   There were no guests in attendance.

2.  JULY MINUTES — The Minutes of the July meeting, which may be found on the tismensclub.us website were approved unanimously upon the motion of Bill Friedel and the second of Alan Goldenberg


A.  High Holy Day Ushering – Fourteen members have signed up to usher at the High Holy Days.  The names of each will be placed in a hat to be drawn for a half-priced ticket to the Steak in the Sukkah event.

  B .  Red Shirts – Most of the Executive Committee wore them today.  It was decided that only members of the Men’s Club are entitled to buy them.  Bill Sperling also suggested that they be washed inside out to protect the emblem.

C.   Brick Program – Nine have been sold to date.  Norm Katz produced a certificate of appreciation to be sent to parties that purchase the bricks.  Bob Holloway said after inspection of the area around the coral tree, where damage from the roots is apparent, he would suggest moving the proposed area for the bricks to the area to the left of the walkway between it and the flagpole.  Currently there are lily plants there.  Bill Sperling subsequently raised the idea with synagogue leaders and another suggestion emerged: To the right of the double doors of the entrance. Norm said David Reed might be willing to provide a sketch.

4.  WORD OF TORAH –Discussing Shoftim (Judges), Norm told of a D’var Torah given by Debbie Mishek which he enjoyed, but said he had his own spin.  In choosing a king, Israelites were instructed to choose one of their own, not a foreigner.  The king should not have an abundance of horses, which he might use to return to Egypt, nor should he have an abundance of wives, or precious metals.  He should write a duplicate of the Torah and study it every day of his life, so he won’t stray from it. He should not be bold or brash.   If we look at biblical history, this was honored more in the breach than in the practice- Saul, David, Solomon all had their faults.  But it is interesting guidance, is it not, for choosing a synagogue leader?

D.  Steak in the Sukkah – Norm reported that the Sunday, Oct. 16, event will start at 6:30 p.m.  The caterer will charge $45 an hour.  Will need to hire an assistant for clean up.  Both the caterer and the assistant will have to pass the test on kitchen health.  B&S brewery will bring a contraption with four small kegs and taps, and a fifth keg for a demonstration of different beers.  This demonstration costs $600.  Norman calculated that if 50 people attend, at $45 per person, the evening may net $500, and even more if we can get individuals to “sponsor” each keg of beer at $100 per sponsorship…. While steak is the advertised course, there will also be tossed salad, green vegetable, potato dish, hummus and veggies, and non-dairy veggies.  Grilled salmon strips also will be an option.  For those who don’t like beer, there will be soda, iced tea and coffee.   Three guys are needed to help set up.  Alan G volunteered to be one of them.  Plan to have a table at the event with material concerning membership, brick program and red shirts.

  E.  Men’s Club Dues – There has been confusion over when 2017 dues take effect.  Moved by Don Harrison, seconded by Alan Goldenberg, and approved unanimously, that $36 dues for 2017 may be paid at any time during 2016 and will include (for those who don’t already have it) membership for the balance of 2016.

F.  Men of the Year Celebration – At the Steak in the Sukkah event, Phil Snyder and Norm Katz will be honored as the Men of the Year.  The board will invite Rabbi Rosenthal to the event and request that he deliver a dvar Torah.  Don Harrison will also write a letter of invitation to be mailed to friends and relatives of Phil and Norm in case they would like to join in honoring these two fine club leaders.

G.  Jewish Federation Men’s Event (Sept 29).  We have a full table.  We will wear our red shirts under blazers or suit jackets.  Regarding the Men’s Event Sept. 29, Bill F. said it may be possible to also tour a car museum owned by a friend of Ed Cherlin’s.

a.  Executive Committee Meetings – They are scheduled Oct. 5 (in library);  Nov. 17; Dec. 8.

b.  Ask the Rabbi Sessions, with lead Men’s Club organizer (who makes sure bagels and cream cheese are there):  Nov. 13 (Bob);  Dec. 11 (Bill S.);  Jan. 22 (Bill F.) Feb. 12 (Don).


a.  Midrash Shabbat – morning Shabbat learner’s service at Tifereth Israel  on Sept. 10 will be followed by a Kiddush luncheon and lecture by Ilana Delaney (JCC adult education director) on Free Will and Sin.

Seacrest Village salute, Sept. 15 – Former TIS members now living at Seacrest Village Retirement Community in Encinitas will be saluted at a sisterhood brunch at Seacrest.  Executive Committee invited to attend.  Contact Barbara Sperling for more details

Adat Shalom Men’s Club forum on border, Sept. 18 – Phil Snyder offers to drive a carpool to this 9:45 a.m. event.  Details: http://www.tismensclub.us/?p=700

d  Beach Party, Sept. 25 – Executive Committee retreat at San Elijo Beach (Manchester exit off 5 and go west); Bill S. RV at site 142; potluck dinner, bring own drinks, chairs beach blankets.

 e  Economics and Terrorism, a lecture about ISIS by Prof. Eli Berman at Lawrence Family JCC, 7 p.m., JCC rehearsal room: Cost: $22.50 guests; $18 JCC members.  Bill Friedel has more information.

  f.  Jewish Federation’s Men’s Event, Sept 29 – Per item 3G—at San Diego Jewish Academy.  Bill Friedel is our table captain.

  g. Looking Ahead — Coronado Free Lectures – Center for Jewish Culture sponsored monthly lecture series will begin Nov. 16.  Bill Friedel attends, details in subsequent minutes.

   7.  VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Bob Holloway said all nine plaques to date  have been sent in, we will get proofs before the wording is committed to stone.  We should have several people proofread.  On the motion of Bob and second by Alan, and unanimous vote, it was decided club will absorb cost of one clip art per plaque. ($5).    Bob also recommended that a perpetual trophy be purchased for Men of the Year honorees for display in the synagogue.  Bill S. will check with synagogue and with trophy manufacturer for price, and bring back a report.

   8.  SECRETARY’S REPORT – Don said that the club is due to have an election and a general meeting.  Bill S. subsequently checked with the  office and obtained Wednesday Nov, 30th in the Social Hall, beginning at 7 p.m.  One year terms are expiring, so these offices (and incumbents) will be up for election for two year terms:     President (Bill Sperling); Vice President (Bob Holloway); Religious Action Chair (Norm Katz); Membership Chair (Joel Kriger).  Other executive committee members were elected to two year terms, in order to have a continuously functioning board, with staggered elections.

  9  TREASURER’S REPORT – Bill Friedel said our club’s current general fund balance is $4,422.92 and that there is also $509 in the yellow candle scholarship fund….. The board voted unanimously (motion by Don, second by Bob) to authorize Bill to pay FJMC national dues, once basis of invoice is made clear to him.

10.  PROGRAM CHAIR REPORT – Alan handed in the receipts for the bowling night which all agreed was a successful program.

11.  RELIGIOUS ACTION COMMITTEE –Norm’s reports on Steak in the Sukkah given during President’s report.

12   ADJOURNMENT – We adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Harrison, Secretary

Adat Shalom Men’s Club to discuss U.S. border

Our Past President Phil Snyder has offered to drive a carpool on Sunday, Sept. 18, up to Temple Adat Shalom in Poway, where their Men’s Club is hosting Christopher Harris, a spokesman for Local 1613 of the National Border Patrol Council.

Harris’s topic will be “Our Broken Border — Who’s Getting In? The  9:45 a.m. brunch costs $7 per guest. Snyder notes that the Adat Shalom Men’s Club serves a generous amount of food at its buffets.

With the national organizations for the Men’s Clubs of the Conservative and Reform Movements calling for closer cooperation, this will be an opportunity for us to observe a large Men’s Club in action at a Reform congregation.

If you’re interested in being in Phil’s carpool, which would leave from the synagogue at 9 a.m., please email him at phil.snyder@tismensclub.us

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